Monday, May 07, 2018


Transhuman Delirium is NO Science

Trans-Intelligence VERSUS Humanity

Kurzweil & Harari versus Hawkins & Lanier
From Delirium Sapiens To Delirium Deus

Four names, four men – and no women – but a crucial stake in the heart of our vampiric future history. Ray Kurzweil, the dystopic businessman. Yuval Noah Harari, the self-proclaimed Biblical prophet of the next apocalypse. Jeff Hawkins, the neurobiologist in continuation of Bertrand Russell. Jaron Lanier, the musician turned computer scientist. From the superficiality of transhumanism to the depth of human creativity.

The choice is yours. Enjoy it.

But take some fruit juice along in case you might get slightly thirsty for relief and escape. Transhumanism is a dystopia but in no way a curse or our fate. We can control the future.

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