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Get away from the present and Europe this summer

From 2009 to 2015 Ivan was my student at Paris I University of Panthéon-Sorbonne and then my personal assistant. He played a role that is important for us who want to penetrate the mysteries of the cosmos, at times at the smaller scale of our own little self: research is always a hunting adventure after ourselves, a cruel and difficult hunt for what we may accept to think after long periods of debate about subjects that have been examined and explored by many people and yet not in the light we would prefer. The assistant is both a doppelganger and he stimulating challenge: how can I make the assistant understand the value of what I propose after fifty years of research whereas he is virginal, innocent, practical still uncultivated, just a promise we believe in and listen to. Ivan was the one who reacted at first at the chapters of my research I submitted to him for critical reading and such critical reactions are the signs of something that is not perfect, clear or complete.

Then Ivan moved to bringing some remarks and some data to the research that was being done together and he finally jumped into the shotgun seat and brought his own research on whole chapters of the work. When we confronted our views it was sometimes tense, sometimes emotional, sometimes intense, but always fiery and courteous as if we were in some old tournament trying to conquer for both of us the golden fleece of the legend. . . And that’s when the assistant becomes an inspiration and starts haunting the master with a constant challenge, night and day. Since then he has been trying to create a universe of his own (

Ivan and more recently Serban have become part of this long adventure or quest that finds its symbolical vestment in this question: What was Cro-Magnon’s language? And this simple question took us to many continents over several hundred thousand years and simple questions about the finality of the natural selection of some mutations that produced Homo Sapiens and it is today clear that selection was performed to make Homo Sapiens a long distance fast bipedal runner. The invention of language was a collateral side-effect, like the pianist getting shot in a Far West frontier saloon after the Civil War.

Along with this research I dedicated during these years several books of poetry (four exactly not listed below but all available at any Amazon Kindle Store) to Ivan who more or less opened up some gates in my mind that even Sri Lanka and Buddhism had not been able to open, at least completely, though for me Pïdurangala and their Buddhist monastery and school are sacred land.

Serban V.C. Enache ( joined the adventure with his own books of fiction and then with his review of the latest book on the Indian Ocean. That review was requested by a university publisher in Barcelona, though after a while they preferred not to publish it. You will find it on

Just dare explore some of these books and enjoy our diversity. Human life would be so boring if we did not have such meeting of minds and souls that are at times so different but that discover they can work together and reach out to things they could not even imagined before. Some call that love. I prefer calling it life.

Paris & Olliergues, October 10, 2016

[Kindle Edition] Dr. Jacques COULARDEAU & Ivan EVE (Authors)

Dr. Jacques COULARDEAU & Ivan EVE
Illustrations Annunzio COULARDEAU

Jacques COULARDEAU (Auteur), Ivan EVE (Auteur), 
Annunzio COULARDEAU (Illustrations) 

The US Supreme Court,
A Universal Lesson in Constitutional Right
Jacques Coulardeau & Ivan Eve



& Ivan Eve

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Prenez un peu de lecture pour vos vacances aventureuses

Editions La Dondaine at & (71)

Editions La Dondaine, 4 livres, 12 auteurs


Les Editions La Dondaine, 8 rue de la Chaussée, 63880 Olliergues, France, publie de nombreux ouvrages sur KDP Kindle d'Amazon. Ici nous mettons en lumière quatre livres mais près d'une douzaine d'auteurs et illustrateurs. L'édition virtuelle est l'avenir de la diffusion des livres . C'est de l'auto-édition pour Amazon. C'est de l'édition virtuelle totalement professionnelle pour les Editions La Dondaine. Les auteurs gardent leur copyright sur leurs oeuvres. 

Prenez un peu de temps pour découvrir ces quatre ouvrages.

Research Interests:
Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Weapons, Quranic Studies, The Apocalypse of John, Pyrenees, Atomic Bomb Literature, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Pyrénées, Legal storytelling and narrative structures, translation of crime into story, Serial Murder, Estudios coránicos, Watermills, Mountain Villages, village doctor, Apocalypse de Jésus, and Jean de Patmos




Et réponse à Tariq Ramadan
Par José Valverde

Jean de Patmos
L’Apocalypse de
Jésus Christ
Couverture de Jean-Paul Chabrier
Atelier de Grec Biblique du Diocèse de Poitiers
 Traduction :
Ingrid Auriol, Katy Breuil, Michel Caubet,
Jean Couprie,  Jacques Lefebvre, Odile de Loynes.

Illustrations Annunzio Coulardeau

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The context of 1993 and 2017 are highly neglected

J.T. ROGERS – OSLO – 2017

Politics used directly on a stage as a subject for a play or an opera is quite common. It is known as agitprop in many cases where the objective is to move the audience into action. That was used a lot in Germany in the 1920-30s. It was loved in the USSR after the Bolshevik revolution, with some attempts before. After the Second World War, in the USA that type of drama developed a lot especially with operas by John Adams. I will call three titles: 1987 Nixon in China, 1991 The Death of Klinghoffer, 2005 Doctor Atomic. In the same line but fictionalized we have Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1964 film Dr. Strangelove. This play by J.T. Rogers is both in that tradition and yet different. It not only pretends to cover particular totally confidential historic events but it also pretends it is the truth about how it happened. The subject being the end of the first Intifada and the recognition of PLO by Israel on September 13, 1993 and the meeting on that occasion of Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin in Washington DC.

The play though can only claim to cover some secret negotiations leading to an international agreement and a temporary solution to a conflict. We cannot in anyway consider this is precisely what happened. The places and the people are probably correct but their feelings, their reactions, their way to behave can only be the result of the creative and mental reconstruction by the author. This means we cannot analyze this play as if it were some historical document, but only as what it is: a play written by someone who was not a direct witness of these totally secret events. The author knows about it since the final meeting of the two leaders in Washington DC is given as a real document: the real TV coverage at the time. It means that apart from this final true TV coverage of a true historical and historic event, all the rest has to be analyzed as a play and nothing else.

A Norwegian couple plus the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway are the main intermediaries and intercessors, at times nothing but facilitators. It is both surprising and interesting to see what the author considers as the good behavior of such facilitators. Norway provides the secluded totally secure meeting place away from everything and at the same time vast and comfortable, enabling distance and meeting spaces, isolation of anyone or any ones if necessary and closed door meetings. The intercessors are not supposed to take part in the discussions and meetings between the representatives of the two sides. They provide the delegates with secrecy, comfort and all they can request, telephones, copiers, typing machines and secretaries (I guess, because it is not mentioned), food, drinks, cigars, etc. Note at this level the play insists a lot on the very heavy consumption of Scotch or Whisky by both the Israelis and the Palestinians. In one scene some characters are said to be practically drunk, which is banal for the Jews but surprising for the Muslims, if of course the Palestinians are Muslims, since a fair proportion of Palestinians are Christians. Yasser Arafat’s wife and now widow is from a Roman Catholic family. Since there is no indication about this fact, we, I mean the audience, assume that the Palestinian representatives are Muslims, which might very well be wrong, though assuming the Israeli representatives are Jewish is of course absolutely true.

The play asserts it is just enough to bring people who are enemies, hate one another, refuse to even look at one another, together in the same room for a miracle to happen, and the play heavily asserts that miraculous development. Over and over again it is repeated the progress in the meeting, in the discussions, in the document to be produced and eventually in the agreement to be accepted by both sides is miraculous because it could not be foreseen. I frankly disapprove this vision. The objective was to make the two sides come to some kind of agreement because the Intifada was going on. There was a desire at least if not a resolution on both sides to settle some of the numerous accounts between the Palestinians and the Israelis, between the PLO and Israel. Difficult for sure but the will to reach some kind of agreement must have existed on both sides.

I have witnessed in Sri Lanka in 2005 and then during the last round of civil war how the Norwegians were unable to bring peace because they were used by the Tamil Tigers or LTTE to save time during which they could bring more weapons into Sri Lanka and prepare for some open military action if necessary, and for the Tamil Tigers there was no alternative. They were speaking double entendre all the time. It took some time for Rajapaksa to get out of the restraint these talks officially put on Sri Lanka and get rid of the terroristic LTTE that was unwilling to accept peace in cooperation. That kind of intercession could not succeed because at least one side if not maybe both did not want to yield on their basic belief: independence for LTTE and unity for the Colombo government. In July 2005 the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka was assassinated by LTTE in his home in Colombo because he was a Tamil that defended the necessary unity of the country.

At the same time, and I must say the play is slightly naïve and discreet about this fact, the role played by the USA in the Middle East in general, in Israel in particular and in Palestine at the same time thouogh slightly behind if not under Israel, is not really depicted. It is asserted that for the USA the Middle East is their private backyard or something of the sort. This has always been true after the Second World War. The last time the English or the French tried something in Suez in 1956, the USA intervened diplomatically to stop it. The French and the English are tolerated there. The play ends in 1993. Luckily indeed. But yet it does not allude to the situation in Iran and the support of Iran to Hezbollah or Hamas. But we all know the heavy defeat in Iran, Operation Eagle Claw in 1980. No allusion to the first Gulf war (1990-1991). No allusion to the war between Iraq and Iran (1980-1988). The Palestinians were not alone and the Israelis were not alone. Both sides were in an international context that pushed towards an agreement. The Israelis showed they were ready to negotiate and make an effort to cool down some war-minded neighbors. The Palestinians showed they were ready to recognize the International community and to accept the existence of Israel, even maybe the legitimacy of Israel.

These missing elements in the context in 2017 when the insane policy of invading Afghanistan and then Iraq revealed the USA did not realize the world was one and they could not do what they wanted just because they wanted it and could simply called French fries Liberty fries for them to be right and to win. And in 2017 the play then becomes a manifesto against any military processing of the Middle East situation. When Mosul is down and when Raqqa is down a settlement will have to be found and some new actors have to be taken into account, Iran of course, but also Russia and China. In two years or so the New Silk Road will reach Iran through Pakistan (avoiding the more direct route through Afghanistan) and be ready to jump into Turkey and Europe through territories populated with Kurds and covering four countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey). The Kurds are going to be the great victors of the present war against ISIS. Only the USSR recognized the Kurds from 1923 to 1930. After that period Stalin deported the Kurds to various other republics like Georgia or Kazakhstan. There is supposed to be some Kurds in Azerbaijan. It is obvious that in 1993 the situation was easier for Israel and the Palestinians because of the fall of the USSR which was a very strong supporter of Yasser Arafat and PLO. There are only three of four allusions to the famous Lumumba University in Moscow. This context will never exist again. The next stage of the negotiations, if any, in Palestine will be a lot more difficult though the USA being little by little forced to recognize they are no longer what they used to be, it might not be as difficult as we may think.

And yet we do not know what role China will decide to play there, and “if any” is not even an option with the following news: “China's new type of domestically-built destroyer, a 10,000-tonne warship, is seen during its launching ceremony at the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai, China June 28, 2017. REUTERS/China Stringer Network.”

That leads me to concluding that the play is interesting though it requires a very dynamic and flexible stage production, but all the stakes of the historical situation are far from being considered both in 1993 and in 2017.



Vol de Tracteurs sur Mathoux-land, Aubière


Qui ne connait pas les Flying Tractors ( ? Uniquement les ignares et les incultes..

Qui n’a jamais vu ou entendu un vol de tracteurs, naturellement volants, passer au-dessus d’une église d’Auvergne ou d’un château fort en ruines du Massif Central ? Uniquement les gens qui ne savent pas que la vie c’est dehors et pas dedans, c’est dans la nature et pas dans leurs lits, c’est les bras ouverts à tout ce qui vit dans le monde et pas les doigts fermés et crispés sur leur bout d’andouillette de 15 centimètres avec lesquels il ne feront jamais une andouille de deux mètres, comme le père de De Gaulle. Onanisme assassin ! Laissez les vivre que diable ! Chacun de nos « somes » (de nos hommes ?) de couleur, vous savez les chromos chromiques et chromatiques, a le droit à l’aventure et à rencontrer l’ovule de son choix, dans une botte de foin dans la salle de bain.

Et ne voilà-t-il pas que ces Flying Tractors que j’ai dû entendre à Mauzun lors d’un festival de clowns arrêtent de se masturber stérilement le citron et l’un d’eux, un transfuge j’imagine, au nom prédestiné, se prend pour un félin malin, un mathoux à griffes, le Laurent, et il se lance tout seul dans l’aventure de l’écriture, chromatique j’imagine pour que cela sente bon la peinture. Et il imagine un Parisien déraciné de son quartier totalement pavé et galeté et il vous le transpose en Auvergne comme s’il n’était qu’une vulgaire patate plantée à dix centimètres de profondeur dans un jardin du côté de Montferrand.

Il est sûr que cet apprenti jardinier qui a oublié que la terre ne donne que ce que les tracteurs la défoncent nous entraine dans une histoire sinon sanglante du moins glauque qu’il décrit, notre chat sauvage en ces termes :

« Tristan est un séducteur compulsif et torturé, un spécialiste des amours contrariées. Depuis son adolescence, il fraye dans la capitale comme un poisson dans l'eau jusqu'au jour où une rencontre tourne au cauchemar. Obligé de quitter Paris en urgence, il est muté à Clermont-Ferrand. L'adaptation à la vie provinciale est délicate pour ce citadin insensible aux charmes de la nature. Ses nouveaux amis issus de la communauté des gens du voyage sont tellement particuliers. Sans parler de son voisin motard irascible et barbu... SORTIE été 2017. »

Il ne manque plus que Yseult, et la grande histoire d’amour, de viol et de trahison sexuelle et sensuelle peut commencer. On est au plus profond de l’horreur médiévale de je ne sais quel Roi Louis ivre mort et pourtant bandant comme un âne.

Mais les amours féodales ne passent pas toutes seules dans notre société de consommation. Encore faut-il se crowdfunder et notre Félin Malin nous révèle de pot aux roses et vous êtes les roses de ce pot de fleurs : « Je vous sollicite à nouveau pour souscrire à mon prochain roman SOUS PRESSION, un thriller de terroir qui va bientôt paraître aux Editions Revoir. Seulement, il me faut une centaine de préventes pour lancer les rotatives. » Si vous croyez que je vous mène en bateau, vous avez tort car en fait je vous mène en cageot et vous pouvez vérifier que mon information est directement tirée de derrière les fagots, là où justement je planque mes cageots de courgettes et de piments forts du Chili, ou du Pays Basque si vous voulez rester Européen. Plus d’infos à

Je ne me dois d’ajouter qu’une seule note de l’auteur qui me rend un peu frigide, on disait couille molle de mon temps en Bordeluche, car cet auteur s’imaginerait-il qu’on perdrait du temps à vouloir le psychanalyser? Pourquoi pas aussi par-dessus le marché et en prime gratuite . . . bôf quoi au juste, peu importe ?

« Note de l'auteur : Je voudrais mettre à l'aise les futurs (res) lecteurs (trices) de ce roman. S'il est écrit à la première personne, il ne repose en aucune manière sur mon vécu. Contrairement au personnage de ce récit, j'ai des parents aimants et attentionnés, mon épouse est formidable et mes amis sont tout à fait fréquentables. »

Peut mieux faire, mon frère, et franchement nous n’en avons rien à cirer – et vous savez ce que cirer veut dire – que vos amis prennent une douche tous les deux jours, se parfument comme le Roi Soleil et soient des amours mignons comme des petits marquis au lit de Molière un jour de banquet à Auteuil (voir Jean-Marie Besset pour les détails en perversité).

En précommande : 15 €
COUPON DE RESERVATION (à renvoyer par la poste accompagné d'un chèque à l'adresse ci-dessous)
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A retourner à
Laurent Mathoux
3 rue Bayard 63170 Aubière

Psychothérapeute d’engins motorisés
Aussi connu comme Pompagrattons

Mais uniquement pour les Maréchaux


Corruption à la United Kingdom



There is nothing worse than opportunistic politics and clinging to power in spite of an electoral defeat. and it is this people who are trying to change the world and to give us lesson of honesty and purity. She lost her political virginity a long time ago and apparently it is beyond repair. She grabbed power after the referendum and now she clings to it even by buying some MPs in Parliament with public money.

Research Interests:

Power System, European Union, Great Britain, Street Level Bureaucrats, and She Stoops to Conquer


American Pravda: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullsh*t"

Witch hunting. Trump main hunter and all parties the dogs running after the foxy Russian ghost.

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Les goguettes se font en trio, en quartet, en quintet mais aussi en solo

Michel Caubet en Goguettes





Il est venu
Il est élu
Il a parié
Il a gagné

Le Macron nouveau est arrivé
Il y a comme une odeur suave
De bois brûlé et de barbecue
Il a pris le train intercité
En marche et sans billet composté

Enfoncé le Valls
Détroné  l’Hollande
Rayé l’Mélenchon
Balayée la L'Pen

Et ne croyez pas, ma chère (façon de parler surtout si vous préférez les garçons), que ce soit un accident. D’entregens en relations connectées, de réseaux en intuitions bien travaillées, il a su parler à tous, prendre dans tous les paniers et jouer au coucou dans tous les nids douillets, ouais bien sûr, pas toujours si douillets que cela.

Research Interests:

Climate Change, French Revolution, Politics, Republic of Letters (Early Modern History), Trumpet, Jericho, Donald Trump, Macron, and Paris New Century

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'They want me to fight China. It’s gonna be a massacre!' - Duterte to RT...

Watch, listen and think. He has some illusion about Trump.

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