Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nov 25, 2008 9:35 AMBonjour. Je suis de passage près de chez toi vendredi prochain. N'hésite pas à faire passer l'info. Merci :) A bientôt. Bises.

Concert à Pont du Chateau (63) Vendredi 28 novembre à 20h30 à la Salle du Château (place de l'hotel de ville)

LORLANJ (pop ethnique) + CLARA OLEG (pop jazz)

Tarif : 8 Euros / 6 Euros (pour les étudiants, chomeurs, et groupe de 10 personnes sur réservation) Gratuit - 12 ans

Info réservation : 04 73 83 73 62 serviculturel@pontduchateau.fr

www. lorlanj. com
www. claraoleg.com

Personally I will be in Paris deep deep deep in political science, Charles I, Cromwell, Charles II.
Enjoy it if you are there



Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Archaic Attenborough
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Speak up, citizens of the world! Speak up, before it is too late!But not along the culpabilizing model of Attenborough and all his mental consorts. Humanity has shared since the beginning some principles that have been negated by the west in its capitalistic wild development of the market economy that had always been economical and clean before them, and more and more so with passing centuries. We have to learn how to go back to these principles and not with a cop behind us, not with more rules and more regulations and more of all kinds of oppressive bans. We have to move on logic, on reason, not fear or even fright.The first principle is that we have to produce as much value as possible with as little energy, raw materials and work as possible. Humanity has been following that line for millenia and the capitalistic conquest of market economy at the time of the industrial revolution has imposed the reverse principle and it has led us to the present crisis. It is high time we react, not with fear but with conviction.If President Obama follows the line provided by Attenborough and all those who do not want to see another model than that of carbon dioxyde, the problem will remain and no real solution will be found.

Principle one: use as little energy, raw materials and work as possible to produce as much added value as possible. ECONOMICAL ECONOMY.

Principle two: produce as little rejects and waste as possible. ECONOMICAL CLEANLINESS.

Principle three: leave as little rejects and waste as possible behind you untended. ECONOMICAL ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS.

Principle four: use as much as possible resources that can renew themselves naturally and hence will never be exhausted. ECONOMICAL RESOURCE FRIENDLINESS.

Principle five: technology has to help us achieve these points even if we have to drop some age old preferences and tastes like frying, sweetening, salting, eating meat and meat and meat again and again and again. ECONOMICAL DE-CARBONIZATION OF OUR LIFE STYLE AND DIET.

Principle six: humanity in its survival struggle has always been and should always be based on the simple fact that one generation has to be better than the previous one and less god than the following one, otherwise history dies. ECONOMICAL PROGRESSIVE HISTORY.

Here is what I could say about Attenborrough's BBC program on the subject of climate change. He preaches as if he were Jesus Christ or some prophet. It will take a lot more than some preaching even by some Christian born again in Jesus and his father and the holy spirit to bring western capitalism back to the reason of market economy.


This film is crucial if we want to understand the present debate on climate change. The climate is changing as it has always done. But it seems to be changing more dramatically and warming up slightly though it is still a long way cooler than it was at the time of the dinosaurs. The position defended here by Attenborough is moralistic more than anything else. We are supposed to feel compassion for polar bears and to be afraid of the future. Such a fascination for apocalyptic predictions is quite typical of the Jewish or Christian tradition, with some roots in older Indo-European religious mythologies. This apocalyptic literature is often, and by far, the best and most inspiring inspiration in these traditions. But does it have any real foundation? According to Attenborough it is the truth, full stop, period, dead end, let's get ready for it. He follows the model of the now famous carbon dioxide and green house gases and global warming up theory. And exclusively this one. Then he considers the main cause is the production – or liberation – of carbon dioxide by human activities, particularly the use of fossil fuels. In other words he uses his pointer a little bit too much and of course ends up pointing at the Chinese and their becoming the first polluter in the world, ahead of the US, but he forgets to say they are at least four times more numerous for a level of development that is evaluated by the CIA to be around 80% of the US. When he is not pointing at people he is pointing at the only things we can do to reduce our production of carbon dioxide. And he does not see this totally negative approach cannot really work because people do not want to be made to feel guilty all the time, and then, in this perspective, we will have to set regulations and a cop behind every human activity. He forgets the basic human principle, and even vital principle for all that is alive at least on this planet, that has been totally negated by western development, by this short-sighted development at all costs, the fact that humanity has managed to emerge by using the basic living principle that all activities must produce more energy or value than it consumes and that the consumption of energy has to be as low as possible for the profit margin to be as high as possible. To be soundly economic life has to be economical. And our free and extremely wasteful consumption of energy – and everything else, including human life – is anti-economic because it is un-economical. That is the very first principle we must refer to: we must not use one gram of energy more than what we need. The second principle is also basic to all forms of life: a living being uses his environment to live – and/or survive – but it does not pollute it. And strangely enough humans seem to have been only interested in visible pollution. All that is not visible does not seem to bother them. That's the only positive aspect of the film: it reveals one invisible pollution, carbon dioxide. It also reveals that what is not immediately catchable by human senses does not seem to exist for human beings. I personally think here that it is better to mobilize the sense of cleanliness human life has always demonstrated – even if that sense has been increasing across centuries and will go on increasing – rather than the guilt we are supposed to feel when thinking of our grandchildren. This argument about our descendents is the reversal of another human principle. In all civilizations including ours till recently, the younger generation was there to take care of the older one when needed and not the reverse. The argument used by Attenborough means that we consider the younger generation is unable to assume their responsibilities. We are making them childish and dependent. We should expect them to be more reasonable than us and not the reverse, which does not excuse our own foolishness which is foolishness in itself and not as for the consequences on our descendents. This leads me to a final remark. Has the West been developing along a line that negates all human traditions and logic? I have like the impression that yes it has. We must then reverse that mistake but not with cops and regulations or guilt complexes but with economic and economical arguments. And that should not prevent us from studying other climatic models particularly the one based on water vapor, which Attenborough does not do at all. Note, as a final kick at the sandbag of blind if not biased ideology, that Attenborough does not even take into account that if we learned new cooking method based on microwave oven we could cut by half our consumption n of energy for all forms of cooking, and frying being a bad dietary habit, the light browning we can get with microwaves has to be healthier than all that carbonizing we produce in a frying pan.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
Enjoy the night
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Stiudents

This link will get you to the interview Obama gave CBS (60 minutes) and the video has the script next to it. That's perfect for you.

Enjoy it


Obama On Economic Crisis, Transition
Also Discusses National Security, Iraq, And His Cabinet In 60 Minutes Interview
Nov. 16, 2008


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Dear Students,

Here is a site with all kinds of academic resources on a myriad of subjects for all legions of students and hosts of intellectuals and just schools of plain people who are interested in anything but the standard watery soup they get on CBS, or the BBC, or FRANCE2,... , not to speak of CNN or TF1.

Note FORA is the plural of FORUM, and it means exactly what it stands for in a dictionary.



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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hi Studes,

Here is another article youshould check, and it is in French:

Sondage exclusif : Obama plébiscité dans le monde

La Tribune.fr - 03/11/2008 à 21:29 - 189 mots

Les Américains élisent ce mardi leur 44ème président. Un vent d'Obamania souffle sur la planète, révèle un sondage international BVA-Global NR réalisé pour la Tribune entre le 1er et le 22 octobre dans 21 pays.

Alors que les 153 millions d'électeurs américains s'apprêtent à choisir aujourd'hui leur 44eme président, le restant du globe vote massivement en faveur du premier candidat noir à la Maison Blanche, révèle un sondage international BVA-Global NR réalisé pour la Tribune entre le 1er et le 22 octobre dans 21 pays. "65% des terriens veulent le voir président, seulement 15% lui préférent Mc Cain, 20% ne se prononçant pas", précise Gaël Sliman, directeur de BVA Opinion. (Cliquez ici pour retrouver l'intégralité du sondage, http://www.latribune.fr/static/pdf/rapport-election-us.pdf )

La France n'échappe pas ce plébiscite, 86% des personnes interrogées souhaitant la victoire du candidat démocrate. "La moitié des citoyens du monde (53%) et des Américains (49%) pensent ainsi que l'image des Etats-Unis dans le monde se trouverait améliorée par l'élection d'Obama alors qu'ils ne sont que 14% à penser que l'élection de Mc Cain aurait un tel impact positif".

"Les attentes sont à la fois très fortes et les problèmes à résoudre, de la crise économique aux guerres d'Afghanistan et d'Irak, sont très compliqués, analyse le député Pierre Lellouche. Mais cela montre que tout en détestant un monde unipolaire, les nations sont confusément à la recherche d'un chef d'orchestre".


See you

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Hi Studes,

This is a link to an essential video on the presidential campaign. It would be wise for you to check it.


You'll also find it on the front page of the New York Times under the title:

Choosing a President
The Times’s Katharine Q. Seelye narrates a look back at the two-year campaign. A large-format version of this video with related links is available here.

Enjoy it and think about the future.

See you in two days.



Sunday, November 02, 2008

And now the debate in the US around the constitution.

I received that message:

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Author, Deborah Simpson
Date: Nov 2, 2008 10:34 PM

"Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties"
Abraham Lincoln

And I couldn't resist and answered, retorted, rebutted:

How many amendments are there after the main text of the constitution, starting with the first ten that contain the basic personal and civil rights of citizens? I think they should not have meddled with the constitution, don't you think? We could live without the freedom of the press or some other freedoms of that type, don't you think? It is amazing how some conservative minds come to strange quotations: and what about the emancipation of the slaves by a certain Abraham Lincoln? And what about the ballot for women? Isn't it in one of these meddling amendments along with prohibition and its contrary.

Have a good night and do vote for the future of the world and not for the past letters of a text that was initially written to protect the rights of citizens who were free white men over 21 and who paid taxes or had some property, real estate or chattel.





Dear students. First a film. NETWORK with Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Peter Finch and Robert Duvall on television. It is being sold for less than 4 pounds by Amazon.co.uk and it has full English subtitles for those who need them. The subject is the freedom of conscious thinking in frtont of TV mediatic manipulation.

My Review on my Myspace blog and on various Amazon sites:

A film for the night before election day
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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities


I discovered that film by accident, the accident of boxing day's sales on amazon.co.uk. They are selling them by the pound before the great triumphant arrival of universal bluerays. And I was amazed at the fine discourse on TV as a globalized and globalizing tool to shape the consciousness of people into some kind of individualized consensual agreement on basic principles. It is clear two days before election day that television will have played an enormous role. Yet there are two unknown and untested parameters on the table: for one the role and power of the Internet and for two the role and power of the door to door canvassing that aims at bringing people out to register and then to vote. No one can say today, tonight, what the effect of these two elements will be on Tuesday. There is no crystal ball in the monitor of my computer nor in the modem of my connection. But here is the review of that phenomenal film.


It could have been a great film. It had all it needed to be a masterpiece. It debunked the old traditional boring television of our great grand parents, that television that was speaking all the time in order to bring us the truth, to teach us the true truth, to make us believe every word they said was absolutely inspiring and we had to be thankful and grateful for this new medium to be so effective in teaching us, in lifting us out of our ignorance. They treated television as a super book, an encyclopedia and they had not understood the slightest smallest element of what this medium was. They had not read Marshall McLuhan and when they had heard of him they thought he was trite, insignificant and purely ranting and raving. And they were going to learn the power of this medium the hard way. One day, by accident, due to the neurotic caprice of one of the team, they discover the tremendous power it has on the imagination and on the behavior of people. People believed the antic as if it were true, absolutely true because it was live and unexpected, hence true since un-programmed. And the newer generation ran into the opening and they invented that television that immerse you into live reality through purely virtual and fake images, even when they are really live, because the camera is a processor, an intermediary eye that gives you what they want you to see and the objective is to make you feel happy, serene, or even angry but with the serenity of the certitude that you are not alone and that everyone is as angry as you are, and that you cannot stand reality any more and that this is absolutely justified since millions of people are feeling the same way as you at the very same moment. Television is not supposed to make you think but only to make you feel part of a vaster reality, of a large vital movement. And that's where the film becomes bad because it seems to follow the idea the older generation is airing at the younger one that this television is shutting everyone onto themselves, separating them from all others, individualizing them into absolute isolation. False, false, false again and again. This new television is soaking you individually into the images of the reality the way this TV wants you to see it, but that is only part of the business. You accept this experience of being dipped and at times thrown or drowned into the boiling maelstrom of violence, war, crime, horror, etc, because you know you are not alone, because it gives you the sense of belonging to a vast mass of people and the possibility to share that common experience with them all tomorrow morning without even having to tell about it. One word will be enough to bring that never directly experienced community back to the subconscious mind of the millions of people who have watched the same show. News is not about truth or about teaching. News is show business, news is emotional and even psycho-dramatic sensations, an experience in surrogate horror, both liberating (cathartic the older ones would have said) and enslaving the proud isolated individual you do feel you are becoming with all that television to the crowd of viewers. And all that is of a commercial nature. The ratings are supposed to bring in advertising and money and when the sensation that started it all does not work anymore because the man, the guru, the anchorman, the preacher does not understand that he cannot start telling people they are living in a dictatorship, even and especially if it is true, you have to get rid of him. The end is quite simple-minded: kill him with guns and bullets. Television can kill someone in so many other ways that are symbolical, mediatic, bloodless but just as effective, efficacious and even cruelly efficient. And the producer of the film knew from scratch all that truth indeed since this producer, Ted Turner, had been refused by the CBS and was in the process of creating the CNN, the acme of reality news and reality television only dealing with the real world and bringing the millions of people of its globalized audience a predigested vision that was only targeting at homogenizing the mediatic mind-formatting experience and consciousness of the world. Virtual reality is the true reality, and that is the very power of this medium that we cannot deny nor reduce to something else, even if teaching real ideas and arguments. Television is an all-sensorial experience building device for individuals who want to belong to a consensual mass.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines

Have a good night



Saturday, November 01, 2008

If you are in Paris and have some time free on monday night:

Le grand Jour approchePréparez vos agendas !Lundi 3 novembre - de 17h50 à 18hLaché de ballons et de colombes au TrocadéroÀ l’initiative de citoyens français et européens et en partenariat avec le Comité Français de Soutien à Barack Obama, un rassemblement convivial aura lieu le lundi 3 Novembre 2008 à 18H très précises sur l’Esplanade du Trocadéro à Paris pour un laché de ballons et de colombes afin de soutenir symboliquement B.Obama. Après cette réunion-éclair, rendez-vous au cocktail (indiqué ci-dessous) à 5 min à pied.Plus d'informations : www.parisforobama.com Où ? Esplanade du Trocadero (Place du Palais de Chaillot)Face à la Tour Eiffel75016 Paris___

Lundi 3 novembre - de 18h à 20hCocktail OBAMA Grande réunion pour montrer au monde notre soutien à Barack Obama à la veille de l'élection.Avec la présence exceptionnelle de Clyde Wright (Golden Gate Quartet) avec 40 choristes ainsi que de nombreux autres invités : Zachary James Miller, Anh Dao Traxel Chirac, François Durpaire, Mohamed Dia, Samuel Solvit (Président du comité français de soutien à Barack Obama) et d'autres surprises...Cocktail et buffet dinatoire gratuits.Où ?Restaurant Findi 26, av. Georges V75008 ParisPLAN___

Mardi 4 novembre - de 21h à 6hNuit OBAMA - nuit des électionsGrande soirée autour de l'élection du Président des Etats-Unis d'Amérique, Nuit Blanche pour Obama. Cette nuit du 4 novembre marquera sans doute les mémoires improbables de l'histoire de l'humanité. Quel que soit le résultat de l'élection, il y aura bien un avant et un après 4 Novembre. Réunir 2000 personnes pour une soirée électorale qui concerne au premier chef un état et une nation tierce est un événement inédit.Programme détaillé : CLIQUEZ ICI 10euros/personne - inscription conseilléeINSCRIVEZ-VOUS À LA SOIREE : NUITOBAMA@GMAIL.COMOù ?À 10 minutes de ParisTennis Club Couvert42 av. du Général de Gaulle94240 - L'Haÿ-les-Roses- PLAN -_______________

Le Comité français de soutien à Barack Obama*www.Pour-Obama.frwww.FranceForBarackObamaBlog.comsoutien@pour-obama.fr

Parce que la mondialisation nous impose d’être attentifs à une telle candidature, nous devons débattre autour de celle-ci.Sans aucune volonté d’ingérence dans la politique américaine ou arrogance à l’égard des Etats-Unis, nous souhaitons un meilleur ordre mondial et regardons avec attention ces élections présidentielles importantes pour tous les citoyens du monde.

Hello Hello Students,

Here I am in the mountain two stations before the end of the line. Some info I just received:


Why Are YOU Voting for Obama?
I am voting for Barack Obama because we share a common faith in peace, justice, humanity, and social change.
Our faith was profoundly tested during 12 years of Reagan-Bush and 8 more of Bush-Cheney. America has fallen from the leader among nations to the pariah. Our economy is collapsing, our savings are vanishing, and our planet is in peril. Yet the powerful people and institutions who created this disaster continue to rule us - and rob us blind.
Barack Obama is an extraordinary gift to America and the world. Through compassion, intelligence, and hard work, he has overcome the enormous obstacles of race and lack of wealth. He is an inspiration to us all.
In just two years, he has built a movement unlike any in history. Thanks to his own family history, he has been able to bridge the divides of race and class to build the most diverse coalition in history. But we are not just temporary political allies - we are becoming one enormous family. And by focusing on the enormous problems we face as a people, he has given us Hope.
I am inspired by Obama's gifts of intelligence, compassion, optimism, and courage. I love his beautiful family, and the extended family he has helped us create. I want him to win, and much more importantly, for all of us to succeed. And I know it will be a struggle, every hour of every day.
We are in the fight of our lives, and of our childrens' lives. My vote is just the start of my commitment to that fight.
Why are you voting for Obama? Share your thoughts here:http://www.democrats.com/my-vote-for-obama-is-just-the-start
Better yet, create your own thread here:http://www.democrats.com/obama-2008Click "Post new forum topic" and for topic choose "My Vote for Obama." In the "Body" section, explain why you're voting for Obama. After you save it, use the "Send to friend" link below your post to email it to your family and friends, and encourage them to share their thoughts in the comments below yours.
Thanks for all you do!
Bob Fertik
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How Much Will YOU Save from Obama's Tax Cut?http://taxcut.barackobama.com/
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