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Universal anti-fear pill for women, A Pipe Dream



If you intend to take a pill, read this thriller first and ponder about the grave consequences that may come from that pill. There is no innocent pill in life. […]

Saturday, September 29, 2018


Finance is a devilish satanic inferno


It is a simple story. A girl, a Cuban refugee in Miami, is a genius with code and she invents Gencoin, a cryptocurrency of a new type that is totally anonymous and thus can in no way be traced to the users or is it the users who cannot be traced in any way? Same thing anyway. The whole series forgets the blockchain level of these cryptocurrencies, or in fact, forget to tell us. Then to make the currency even more effective they need to invent an Internet network that is absolutely anonymous, secret, where no one can be traced, etc. This is a myth and we can go along for the sake of the story because it is not really important. It is just a convention.

First, this girl looks for partners. She is rejected until she finds a young Jew, the honest son of his own father who is a money launderer for all kinds of traffics and criminals. That brings in a Black man who is from one of these gangs who deal in drugs in their neighborhood. The Jew, Nick Talman wants to be honest but he is interested in getting rid of 2 million dollars his father has dumped on him before disappearing, more or less, episodically. That money includes an important sum, 300,000 dollars, that has been hijacked from the finances of his gang by the Black man, Ronald Dacey. The Cuban girl, Izzy Morales, just wants to succeed and to be the best, so she finally accepts a deal with an Asian (Chinese or Vietnamese), Alex Bell, and his associate, a Russian woman, Vera, and we discover very fast she is only the façade of a very important Russian mafia family from Moscow.

Izzy and her two associates, Nick and Ron, are just bamboozled out of their own business and the business is taken over by Alex and Vera. They provided the money, so they kicked out the inventors. Gencoin is thus Alex and Vera’s.

From there ensues a long and complicated fight because the cryptocurrency without a fully anonymous and dark Internet behind cannot guarantee the absolute anonymity necessary for all kinds of gangs and criminal groups to launder their money into Gencoin. Add to that a rotten FBI (or something similar) officer who was tracking Nick’s father who tried to get the money the father entrusted his son with, and succeeds for about half a day because the hacker he used to do the job hacks the officer in his own turn and the money disappears into thin hack-air. That’s when Alex and Vera intervene.

Gencoin has to get some dark network. It is Guizer, a Swedish or Scandinavian invention. Izzy invents her own darknet, Araknet, and the three original partners look for an investor and they find him in a friend of Nick’s father’s, Wes Chandler, and his daughter, Mara Chandler. But Vera’s brother, or is it cousin, and two or more associates decide to get rid of a few people in the neighborhood and in the field of Cryptocurrency. They will lead them all six feet under, thanks to Ron.

But Izzy is at the end what she was at the beginning: An Asperger autistic genius that is TOTALLY UNABLE to have normal or even abnormal relationships with anyone. She is a born blooper and party pooper. She is a genius in code but she is a sorry and puss-oozing egocentric egoist: She only knows herself and she makes all kinds of rash decisions that turn out to be catastrophic and she cannot accept what she calls her babies, Araknet and Gencoin, to live and be successful if not under her absolute motherly control. She is a control freak and a dictatorial tyrant.

A final move with Alex will provide her with her absolute victory in the total destructive dream of hers. By killing them all she is sure to be the best because she will be the last.

The series is slightly bothering and problematic because of the blockchain behind Gencoin that is not considered. Note the main winner with Bitcoin is China because it has invested in the super-fast and powerful computers necessary for them to control the blockchain system. This film is silent at this level. But it is problematic because the central cop, Phil Rask, is rotten, kills his partner and does many other illegal actions and yet he becomes the closing hero. This film is also very problematic because the bad ones are necessarily of Cuban origin, more generally Latinos, or of Haitian origin, more visibly Black, or of Russian origin, which we can hear because they speak Russian, or finally of Jewish origin which is indicated by their skullcaps. In other words, all the criminals and startup entrepreneurs and rotten businessmen are typically in conformity with the populist vision of America by people on the Trump side: Latino, Black, Russian, Jewish and above all women are the enemies of a white male Christian supremacist USA. The only one who is not a member of these groups is a rotten male FBI or so officer.

Apart from that, it is rather trendy, active, sexy and of course the worst example you can give to anyone of any age. It is totally immoral. Too bad, but fascinating. The devil is really in our minds. Isn’t it called capitalism?


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Cyrano de Bergerac vaut bien une messe, basse si possible

Cyrano de Bergerac en Goguettes de Cabaret



Si Edmond Rostand, le frère de Jean Rostand, l’expérimentateur sur grenouilles vivantes, n’avait pas écrit sa pièce sous le titre du nom de cet auteur, ; nous n’en saurions certainement pas autant sur lui. Nous avons été pris en otage et détournés par un auteur qui a su plagier Cyrano de Bergerac au moins trois siècles et quelques décennies plus tard pour faire une pièce qui a toujours le même succès au théâtre comme au cinéma. Depardieu de toute façon l’a rendue immortelle.
Et pourtant quel plagiat. La tirade des nez est entièrement ou presque contenue dans les errements sur la Lune.
Il est vrai que Cyrano de Bergerac, l’auteur, a toujours été dans le domaine public.
Mais en plus ne voilà-t-il pas que Daniel Mesguich vient de monter La Mort d’Agrippine à Avignon en Juillet et va la jouer à Paris en mars et avril prochains. Quel diable a piqué Daniel Mesguich ? Je ne le saurai que quand j’aurai vu la pièce. J’ai réservé pour la première à Paris. Que diable va-t-il faire dans ce traquenard romain ?
L’intéressant, j’en suis persuadé, et il a probablement su sortir de la logorrhée interminable de cet auteur fort en gueule et mal embouché, mais jamais à court de mots, même si ses alexandrins sont un peu parfois faciles et chevillés.
Bonne lecture.

Olliergues, 24 Septembre 2018

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A trip back to our human origins

Dr. Jacques COULARDEAU & Ivan EVE

Editions La Dondaine – 2017


This research is presented in many conferences and colloquia and it is progressing. I have today realized that the standard phrase “migrations out of Africa” was a way not to say the essential truth that Homo Sapiens evolved in BLACK AFRICA and the first migration was OUT OF BLACK AFRICA to Northern Africa down the Nile valley. Then all other migrations were also OUT OF BLACK AFRICA mostly via the Horn of Africa (Djibouti) to the Southern Arabic Corridor (Aden – Hormuz) and then to Central Asia and the Middle East. And from there respectively and chronologically to The whole of Asia, to Europe and to the Americas, and after the Peak of the Ice Age to Europe again (but not the same people) and the Indian sub-continent.
I find this evolution of mine and the people I am speaking to fascinating because we have to slowly and systematically unknit the colonial heritage that is our Western blindness. It is so slow, so long, so painful at times to realize we have been BRAIN-WHITE-WASHED into a European-Western-centered vision of anything scientific. If the Chinese have some chicken flu epidemic, Western media will of course insinuate or imply that they will fail to control it. If the English have a foot-and-mouth epidemic among cows and sheep it is insitnuated it originated in Asia (see Wikipedia and no one doubts it will be solved in no time.
But apart from this “formulation” or “phrase”, this research is basically correct and it innovates on quite a few elements. So please correct the phrase “out of Africa” and replace it with OUT OF BLACK AFRICA.



Cro-Magnon’s language is an ambitious project in phylogenic linguistics. The objective is to go back to the shift from animal to human articulated language. Homo Sapiens some 300,000 years ago, found himself endowed with mutations selected by his being a long distance fast bipedal runner: a very low larynx; a complex articulating apparatus; a sophisticated coordinating system bringing together diaphragm, breathing, heartbeat, legs, and general body posture. These three physiological improvements permitted new linguistic possibilities: more consonants; more vowels; a brain able to construct a mind both producing and produced by articulated language. This developed the ability to conceptualize and develop abstract thinking.

The phylogeny of language from a purely linguistic and cognitive point of view activates three articulations to generate human language: vowels and consonants; the morphology of the word from root to stem and then frond; the syntactic structures of utterances. This is based on the communicational syntax conveyed by the human communicational situation that requires the power to conceptualize, both daily procedural communication and inter/intra-generational cognitive and didactic communication.

Homo Sapiens evolved in Black Africa from previous hominins (Homo Faber or Homo Ergaster) that already migrated out of Black Africa to the Middle East and Central Asia where Neanderthals and Denisovans respectively evolved from them. The nest of this evolution is debated due to recent archaeological discoveries, but the first migration was in Africa from sub-Saharan Black Africa to Northern Africa. Then out of Africa.

I assume the migrations took place every time the phylogeny of language stabilized on the basis of each articulation. The first migration was on the basis of the simple consonant-vowel articulation producing root languages (all consonantal root languages). The second migration on the basis of the morphological articulation produced stems categorized as nouns or verbs, spatial or temporal. These languages are isolating invariable-character languages. The third migration corresponded to the production of fronds, words syntactically categorized as functional nominals and conjugated verbals ready to build syntactic utterances. The communicational syntax was essential to build discourse in root language and little by little was integrated in langue itself reducing the extension and role of discourse, and in the last forms many categories integrated in words are exteriorized outside the words as determiners, prepositions, auxiliaries, adverbs, thus realizing in langue abstract systems of categorizing operations and forms.

These migrations lead us to three phylogenic linguistic families: consonantal root languages; isolating invariable-character stem languages; and agglutinative or synthetic-analytical frond languages. These languages spread in the world along with the successive migrations of Homo Sapiens. The answer then to the question about Cro-Magnon’s language is simple and clear: an agglutinative Turkic set of languages and dialects we could call Old European languages to be replaced after the Ice Age by Indo-European languages coming from the Iranian plateau and Mesopotamia.

Follow the detail of this exploration in this book, a lifetime research, and exploration and the first stage of a vaster research. The next stage is the linguistic psychogenesis of human children and language learners. That next stage will come soon. The final stage will be the exploration of how acculturation-deculturation-acculturation is the very human process of human civilization and corresponds to the Buddhist birth-death-rebirth vision invented in the other branch of Indo-Iranian languages, viz. the Indo-Aryan languages that migrated from the same nest as Indo-European languages but east instead of west.

 Final Invite

This is the introduction to the first part of my research on the phylogeny of language since the emergence of Homo Sapiens some 300,000 years ago, at least.

I try to coordinate the phylogeny of articulated human language onto the migrations of Homo Sapiens out of Black Africa and I get to the idea that the main three linguistic families can be thus ordered in time as well as along with the dispersal of man across the face of the earth.

This introduction is submitted to discussion and all remarks and contribution will be integrated into the final work to be published within a few months.

I thank you for your time and your remarks and I hope you do enjoy the summer.



This file gives you the introduction of what is the first part of a long research that has been going on for most of my life and has been progressively intensified since 2005 when I moved to Paris Sorbonne, and other Paris private or public universities.

This first part counts seven chapters.

CHAPTER ONE: The Triple Articulation of Language
CHAPTER TWO: Phylogeny and Migrations
CHAPTER THREE: Agglutinative Language
CHAPTER FOUR: Theo Vennemann
CHAPTER FIVE: The Migrations
CHAPTER SIX: Darwinization in Question
CHAPTER SEVEN: Where Gustave Guillaume Meets with Sally McBrearty

This long introduction gives all the concepts and procedures used in the research. I submit this file for discussion before the publication of the whole work (the first part only though, seven chapters). The second part is ready to go through its final proofreading and assessment, which will take at least six months of hard work.

I hope you enjoy reading these pages and I hope you take part in the discussion. I will integrate, in a way or another, all remarks or contributions in the final published work. At the present moment the manuscript counts 372 pages with 347 pages of text and 23 pages of notes (514 notes so far), and 228,379 words at (the) last count.

I have added some pictures in this introduction to make it easier to read. These pictures are all rock face paintings dated, most of them, from before the Ice Age, from all over the world. The oldest are from Indonesia and those from Baja California are undated due so far to the fact that the colors used by the people who painted these rocks do not contain any charcoal or carbon. More advanced dating procedures have not yet been used. The meaning is clear: no matter where these Homo Sapiens migrated they took along with them one or several languages, first and some other capabilities, abilities, and competencies that made them do very similar things in very different conditions. Homo Sapiens has always been a communicational being with articulated languages and appetency for spiritual and artistic endeavors.

I consider that was unique with Homo Sapiens though some other Hominins had varying degrees of such tools and potentials, but apparently none equaled Homo Sapiens’ survival capability.

Olliergues October 9, 2017
(Ivan Eve just back from a journey around the world with his love partner)
Research Interests:
ArchaeologyAnthropologyLanguages and LinguisticsOrigin of LanguagePhylogeny

Friday, September 21, 2018


Just fly yourselves to New York City

No Cognition Without Communication


A long paper of mine on the relation between cognition and communication in both phylogenic and psychogenetic perspectives has just been published in the journal Psychology Research in New York. This study is the deep investment of the most advanced researches in archaeology and the psychology of communication into psychomechanics within the fast evolving environment of language processing machines and Artificial Intelligence. Linguistics is becoming the key science to any serious development in these fields. The paper is in open-access on the publisher's site.

Research Interests:

Artificial IntelligenceCommunicationLanguages and LinguisticsNatural Language Processing et Culture and Cognition

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José Valverde en chasse au Trump. Est-ce un Snark?

José Valverde, celui qui lave plus droit


José Valverde a dans ses tiroirs des dizaines de textes de théâtre ou autres qu'il n'a jamais publiés. Il en a d'autres qui ont été lus ici et là sur quelque scène. Il en a encore d'autres qui ont été joués, montés, mis en scène ou mis en voix dans des théâtres ou sur des radios. Et il hésite à les publier
Notre acteur, auteur, metteur en scène et bien d'autres choses a peur du public. Il a le trac qu'un tract sorte un jour et le suive à la trace pour le traquer et le détraquer, abracadatrac, et il deviendrait la proie de je ne sais quel détracteur.
Alors il se fait prier comme un jeune premier qui ne sait que faire de ses quatre petites lumières qui lui brillent dans les yeux. Et il ne sait pas qu'il faut alors fermer les yeux, regarder ce feu d'artifice mental et laisser la caravane passer et les chiens aboyer, car le monde est un véritable enfer canin. Si j'avais encore faim je me ferais caninovore. Mais il y a longtemps que j'ai perdu le goût de la viande faisandée, avariée, pourrie.
Je vais donc faire un peu de bruit pour le réveiller de son sommeil somnolent de fin d'après-midi et lui rappeller qu'on n'a pas tous les jours cent ans et qu'il faut préparer ce jour avec toute l'énerrgie que l'on a accumulée, brulée et ingurgitée depuis que l'on a pris la route à même pas vingt ans.
J'ai besoin de votre complicité. Vous tous qui le connaissez, bien ou pas si bien que cela, mais un peu suffit. Envoyez lui un email pour lui demander de publier tout ce qu'il a dans ses tiroirs si vous avez son adresse email, ou bien envoyez vos messages à la mienne,  <>, ety je les lui ferai parvenir. Un auteur n'existe que quand sa logorrhée et son imaginaire dévergondé atteint d'une façon ou d'une autre le public qui attend le bonne nouvelle.
Merci d'avance pour ce service et en attendant appréciez les pages que j'ai pris en otage dans ce document.

Monday, September 17, 2018


Il n'y a pas plus vicieux que qui tue des enfants

Vanessa Chevallier veut nous tétaniser


Tuer est facile, aussi facile que de prendre un cachet d'aspirine, si l'aspirine existe toujours. Et contre ces meurtres les vicitmes n'ont aucun doliprane suffisamment fort.

Pour Vanessa Chevallier le crime, le mal, les meurtres n'ont pas la moindre excuse ni exp:lication. ce sont des actes de dérangés mentaux et les pires sont bien sûr deux qui ont une éduication de Bac + 6 au moins. Ils savent tout faire, même tuer, et pourtant il faut bien qu'on les attrape ces vautours rapaces.

Research Interests:

Sociology of Crime and DevianceEducation and Crimesister arts or sibling rivalry?: Cezanne and the logic of the senses et Mountain watermill

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Perdez-vous y donc, pibale en tête et civelle en poche.

Dans le Delta sans fin du commencement
De l'Alpha à l'Oméga 48 heures chrono


Dans le monde sans fin où nous vivons, dans la vie sans limites dans laquelle parfois nous rêvons, dans le cloaque infini de la politique que nous subissons, il nous faut tout de même croire sans tergiverser que la fin est proche, et il nous faut aussi assumer l'humour noir des mondains bien blancs qui veulent rire de tous, surout des étrangers, des autres, des réfugiés, de nos frère siamois, une douzaine d'huitres de Marennes sur leurs assiettes.

Le penseur spirituel qui nous panse la panse de son humour à l'emporte-pièces prêt à porter n'en pense pas moins que tout serait tellement plus simple si Nous n'avions pas inventé la pensée.

Pour vivre heureux vivons calfeutrés dans la fourure de la solitude fermée aux autres envahisseurs.

Perdez-vous y donc, pibale en tête et civelle en poche.
Research Interests:

The Apocalypse of JohnHumour StudiesIronie, rire et négativitéHebrew Bible/Old Testament et Sarcasme

Friday, September 14, 2018


L'instant d'après est toujours le dernier

Les Dieux demandent toujours du sang


Que ce soit le sang d'un auto-sacrifice pénien ou lingual, que ce soit le sang d'un sacrifice humain par torture, par crucifixion, par extraction du coeur, par démembrement, par la roue ou l'écartèlement, ou bien encore que ce soit le sang d'une guerre qui doit durer longtemps pour liquider les armements en réserve, pour imposer une loi, une exploitation, un dénocide, qui sait quoi.

L'Apocalypse est la face cachée de notre espoir d'avoir un avenir de lumière, un avenir qui soit clinquant, sonnant et trébuchant, et il n'en est jamais rien. Les choses vont mieux d'un côté et sont pires sur cent autres fronts. Comme on comprend toutes ces civilisations qui ont toujours frayé avec la fin finale et terminale dans le sang, dans le feu, dans le déluge, dans tout ce que la nature nous réserve avec en plus un peu d'imagination nucléaire faite et produite dans quelque garage mental humain.

Research Interests:
TerrorismWar StudiesGenocide StudiesHolocaust StudiesJust War TheoryBibleThe Apocalypse of John et Book of Revelation

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Cyrano de Bergerac fait dans le fromage romain

La Célèbre Pompe Romaine est Funèbre


La première surprise que l’on rencontre avec cette pièce est l’identité de cette Agrippine. Qui ne connait pas Agrippine la Jeune . . . Mais il ne s’agit pas d’elle qui fut immortalisée par Händel dans on opéra Agrippine. En fait il s’agit de sa mère, Agrippine l’Aînée . . . 

Wednesday, September 05, 2018


On ne rit pas toujours à la comédie, mais souvent on y rit jaune

L'heure de la Comédie a sonné


En cette fin d'été très sèche, cette fin d'été du début d'un changement climatique qui n'en finit pas d'arriver sans que l'on sache vraiment ce qu'il sera je vous propose trois excursions dans trois domaines différents.

D'abord Michel Baron (1653-1729), ce jeune comédien que Molière recruta, avec quelques difficultés. 

Puis retrouvez Cyrano de Bergerac (1619-1655) qui au-delà de son nez, et cela lui pend au nez, est un amuseur public. 

Alors prenez votre envol pour la lune et le soleil et ne vous endormez pas au volant de la roulotte du saltimbanque.

Research Interests:

ComedyDramaTheater and filmPhilosophy of LoveMarriageMoon et Sunlight

Sunday, September 02, 2018


The Mayas drew their blood for their Lords

Male Exclusive Blood Sacrifice in Maya Religion
DENNIS TEDLOCK, Translator – POPOL VUH, The Definitive Edition Of The Mayan Book Of The Dawn Of Life And The Glories Of The Gods And Kings – A TOUCHSTONE BOOK – 1965-1996

Today we are scratching the barrel of what has survived and we try to understand a civilization that was as for mathematics and cosmology several thousand years ahead of Europe in the 15th century.  I must also say that at times we have been impregnated with implicit bias against them with the sole emphasis on human sacrifice, as if we did not burn our witches and submit heretics to all kinds of tortures and death penalties, not "sacrifice" since it is "justice."

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