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NOTICE:The Americans, the USA, the world and all the citizens of this world have won with Barack.Now we have to stop beating about the Bush and on the Bush too,and start working hard to rebuild what they have destroyedand what they have forgotten or refused to do.The USA have become the horizon of our world AGAIN.

Je tiens à vous signaler la sortie d'un livre fort intéressant pour nos étudiants.
"Volunteering in Georgia, A Handbook"
Publisher: Academy for peace and development, Tbilissi, Georgia
Authors: Tiphaine Coulardeau & Sebastian Schweitzer
Preface: Tomasz Szopa
Language Editor and proofreading: Dr Jacques Coulardeau, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sortbonne

Il s'agit d'un simple guide pour les jeunes qui se portent volontaires dans le cadre du SALTO-Youth de la Communauté Européenne pour des stages longue durée dans des pays étrangers, stages entièrement défrayés. Il s'agit bien de volontariat et je trouve l'initiative intéressante car le volontariat désinteressé est une qualité qui se perd.

Les missions possibles sont toujours sous la responsabilité dans le pays d'accueil d'un organisme partenaire qui assure l'hébergement, les défraiements nécessaires et surtout la réalisation de la mission humanitaire ou culturelle.

Le manuel ou guide a été entièrement écrit par deux volontaires de retour de Géorgie où ils étaient avant les opérations militaires de l'été dernier. Ils parlent donc en connaissance de cause et le livre est rempli d'anecdotes parfois amusantes et de conseils toujours pratiques et pertinents. Il couvre tous les sujets d'intérêt de la survie alimentaire d'un volontaire à l'action culturelle possible en direction des populations parfois en situation précaire.

Le manuel est copy-left si on peut dire, en ce sens qu'il est gratuit et que toute utlilisation en est possible par qui que ce soit, à condition de citer la source des passages retenus et de respecter l'intégrité du manuel et du texte.

Vous pouvez l'obtenir auprès du SALTO-Youth, ,

Pour ceux qui ne savent pas ce qu'est le SALTO voici quelques éléments de définition,:

SALTO-YOUTH stands for Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities within the European YOUTH programme. is a network of 8 Resource Centres working on European priority areas within the youth field. It provides youth work and training resources and organises training and contact-making activities to support organisations and National Agencies within the frame of the European Commission's Youth in Action programme and beyond. SALTO-YOUTH's history started in 2000 and is part of the European Commission's Training Strategy within the Youth in Action programme and works in synergy and complimentarity with other partners in the field.

Ce programme européen gagnerait fort à être connu de nos étudiants qui pourraient ainsi diversifier leurs possibilités de voyager à l'étranger non en touristes mais en réels partenaires de développement.

Je suis peut-être d'une vieille école, mais je crois profondément que de se mettre au service des autres pendant un certain temps dans sa vie, raison de plus dans sa jeunesse est une des formes les plus efficaces de formation, sans parler de l'ouverture culturelle et linguistique que cela peut apporter.

Je vous souhaite une bonne fin de trimestre et de bonnes fêtes de fin d'année.


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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


The following Christian bigot-ic-al-ian poem arrived in my mail box this morning. And here was my answer to all sender and sendees alike:Dear correspondants I don't know for most of you,Don't you find that a little bit scary that some start mongering any kind of phantasm as if it were the revelation of the century? That sounds like Christian bigotry to me because Christmas has nothing to do with Christ except the name the merchants of mainstream mainstreet Disleyland have put on it some fifty years ago or so. Before it was Nativity and at the best, not worst, Noel. All together it amounts to some scare campaign against un-specified targets that could be anything but are in the minds of those who spread that scare Islam, the Arabs, etc.That is probably celebrating the election of the first African American president, I guess, who has to be a Moslem since we are telling you so, and the first Vietnamese American Representative in Congress, who has to he a Buddhist since we are saying so, and we all know that these exotic faiths are dangerous for our climate, global warming and the melting glaciers in Greenland. Or is it the holocaust of Mooses in Alaska? Or maybe the Shoah of illegal warfighters in Guantanamo and illegal immigrants in San Diego?All bigotries are bad, all of them, absolutely all of them. I regret some human minds are falling so low.

Have a good day


Twas the month before Christmas
When all through our land,
Not a Christian was praying
Nor taking a stand.
See the PC Police had taken away,
The reason for Christmas - no one could say.
The children were told by their schools not to sing,
About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things.
It might hurt people's feelings, the teachers would say
December 25th is just a ' Holiday '.
Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, checks and credit
Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it!
CDs from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-pod
Something was changing, something quite odd!
Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa
In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda.
As Targets were hanging their trees upside down
At Lowe's the word Christmas - was no where to be found.
At K-Mart and Staples and Penny's and Sears
You won't hear the word Christmas; it won't touch your ears.
Inclusive, sensitive, Di-ver-si-ty
Are words that were used to intimidate me.
Now Daschle, Now Darden, Now Sharpton, Wolf Blitzen
On Boxer, on Rather, on Kerry, on Clinton !
At the top of the Senate, there arose such a clatter
To eliminate Jesus, in all public matter.
And we spoke not a word, as they took away our faith
Forbidden to speak of salvation and grace
The true Gift of Christmas was exchanged and discarded
The reason for the season, stopped before it started.
So as you celebrate 'Winter Break' under your 'Dream
Tree 'Sipping your Starbucks, listen to me.
Choose your words carefully, choose what you say
Shout MERRY CHRISTMAS,not Happy Holiday !
Please, all Christians join together and wish everyone you meet
Christ is The Reason for the Christ-mas Season!


Have a good day and do celebrate Christmas, or if you prefer Noel or Nativity, according to your faiths and beliefs, as a religious celebration or as the celebration of the winter solstice or as the celebration of the happiness of having a family, of having children eventually, or being able to present some children, any children, with presents, your children, adopted or procreated via sex or a test-tube, or those of anyone you like, or love, and enjoy the smell of the burning candles in the Christmas tree but be sure you do not set the house on fire. And remember the time when Christmas day was the first day - and for some the last day - we had tangerines, a treat even the poorest of us tried to have, even if it was only half a tangerine shared with a brother or a sister, or even one slice of it when there was only two tangerines for a whole family.


Currently listening:Petit Papa Noel a 50 Ans
By Tino Rossi
Release date: 2001-09-25


Sunday, December 07, 2008

There is an authentic American reaction to what I wrote about Leonardo DiCaprio's latest film:

This is just too juicy.As far as I'm concerned, the many bad apples spoil for all. I would like the next Hitler to pursue Islam with full force, are them old concentration camps/gas chambers still in working order?The war on terror isn't won because there's too much pussyfooting. If the US military would strike with full force, such as dropping a bunker-buster on a building wherein civilians are being used as shields, the cockroaches would run out of places to hide.The American way IS the future. The fucking Europeans have been around for thousands of years, yet a 200 year old country surpasses them technologically & economically, to the point that the Euro has to be created to compete. The butthurt shows in the contempt.BAWWWWW, America this and that. Yet when shit hits the fan, no other country else steps up to the plate.Someone blocks my path on my way to school or to a job, they're gonna get their ass beat.Enough students with that mindset and the trains would run without a problem, the European passivity is what creates no-go zones (Pfft, the French) for moslims.Perhaps it is time to burn the whole fucking kitchen, since we're allowing it to be overrun with cockroaches. Not that Obama has the balls, he's a fucking dove. I wait with bated breath for him to take the presidency just to see what policies he really puts forth. When the middle class starts seeing taxes rising to disgusting rates (Pfft, the Germans) just to support useless fucks that drain the system, let's see if they still like their new god.Kudos for top-notch trolling!
Posted by ...... on Dec 8, 2008 8:07 AM

And do think this is written by someone who is an illegal immigrant in the US, I would say supposedly, but from Texas, which is a lot more pregnant about this ideology.

It will take a little more than just a little help from my friends to change that. But it shows the genocidal mind is never silent nor dead in humanity. It is always there, lurking under the surface, at times very shallow under the surface, at times even just like some fungus on top of the surface.

Have a good day





This film is a pamphlet and as such is an essential film in our consciousness of reality the way it may be in this globalized world. It shows how the West cannot win the war in which we have engage ourselves without even thinking it over twice. The war that must be stopped at once, and at once is already too late, that war against Islam, even if we pretend at times it is only against the Arabs because we don’t want to know better, this war is lost, and was lost even before starting it, because it is not a war against terror at all , but a war against those who don’t want to be westernized because we have been dumb enough to pretend that the American way of life was the future of the world, once again without even thinking it over twice. But what can we do in that situation? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The war is in fact between those in the Moslem world who want to move with history and benefit from the alleviating technology of the modern world on one hand, and the others in the Moslem world who do not want that alleviating effect because for them suffering and physical exhaustion and corporal punishments are the norm and have to go on for ever because they are the law of god. They can accept modern technology but only if it enables them to fight the world that has produced it. In fact the conflict is a conflict we have known before them when we were divided between those who wanted to go on with the good old faith that was telling us every single detail we were supposed to respect, accept and suffer in our daily life in the name of our own god and in the patient expectation of the coming redemption of our liberation by death. That was the struggle we had to fight for education against those who wanted to keep us uneducated. And it is the fight we are still fighting in our modern countries against those who do not see the necessity of restructuring our economy, our political system, our daily life and want to keep everything the way it has always been, … well at least the way it has been for fifty years or so, maybe even less. They would certainly not torture anyone, except that they do sabotage the railroads and everyone would like to make us believe that it is not dangerous for anyone. Ask the students who would like to study for their future and who are blocked out of their classrooms by minorities who are numerous enough (most of the time a couple of dozens) to block the lifts that go up in the buildings and that blockade makes the security services stop all possible circulation in the buildings and on campus if necessary in the name of the risks people would run if they let them go through the blocking picket lines. The film is thus an absolute denunciation of the war on terror as being lost even before being fought, and as a means to make our own best patriots and soldiers regress to the level of pure animals, birds of prey, carnivorous saber tigers straight out of the jungle or Siberia, in one word regress back to the time of the crusades. And finally this film reveals to anyone who wants to know about it how the present surveillance based on the satellites over our heads enables the people behind the screens that receive their images to see details that are so small that they could not have a better view if they were just ten yards away. That mess was not created by Bush, of course not. He was just dumb enough to fall into the trap and Cheney was dumb enough to believe he could win that war, and John McCain knows how to win a war, like the one in Vietnam, or the one in Somalia, or the one in Afghanistan, or the one in Iraq, or … what would the next one be if these warmongers had the power to start a new one? And imagine the mess Barack Obama has to clean up, because now the eggs have been broken the omelet must be cooked. Good luck if we do not want the whole kitchen to explode knowing there are tons of flame sensitive explosive hovering just one foot over the gas-burner.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines


Ne croyez pas que c’est là un simple film d’action. C’est un pamphlet aussi fort the la pièce d’Arland Gatti sur le Vietnam oèu de Jean Genet sur Sabrah et Chatilah. C’est une dénonciation du merdier dans lequel nos chers politiciens nous ont mis, sans même prendre le temps de réfléchir. Il y a le grand niais Bush qui est tombé dans le piège à cons comme d’autres s’endorment devant leur télé. Il y a le grand handicapé mental Cheney qui a toujours cru que l’on pouvait gagner cette guerre. Et ils vous ont déclaré la guerre contre le terrorisme alors qu’il ne s’agit absolument pas de cela. Il s’agit d’une guerre dans le monde islamique pour l’essentiel mais pas seulement entre ceux qui veulent bénéficier des plaisirs et des facilités y compris de paiement que le monde moderne et ses technologies high tech proposent, d’un côté, et de l’autre ceux qui ne veulent pas en entendre parler parce que pour eux la souffrance, la peine, la sueur au front et les châtiments corporels sont la loi de dieu et sont éternels. Si on supprime ces brutalités de la vie, on n’a plus la vie du tout, mais seulement une mort en sursis car il viendra toujours un commando de dieu qui mettra de l’ordre dans ce désordre, à coups de marteaux ou de machettes, de couteaux ou de sabres. Mais ne croyez pas que nous sommes exempts de ce danger et protégés de cette décomposition. C’est la bataille que nous menons tous les jours contre ceux qui sabotent les lignes TGV en prétendant que cela ne met la vie de personne en danger, ou bien qui bloquent à deux douzaines les ascenseurs d’un bâtiment et prétendent que de tenir des étudiants dans la rue pendant plusieurs semaines ne présente aucun risque du tout et que s’ils ne peuvent pas continuer à étudier, ces étudiants jetés à la rue, car ils auront brûlé leurs économies pendant la période où ils n’ont pas pu entrer dans les bâtiments, ce sera bien fait pour eux. Ils n’avaient, j’imagine, qu’à y penser avant et ne pas s’engager sottement dans la course idiote après un bout de papier qu’on appelle un diplôme ou un bout d’illusion qu’on appelle une qualification. Prenez donc exemple sur les gourous de Tarnac en Corrèze. Ils ont enfin compris que les diplômes des plus hautes écoles sont inutiles pour cultiver son jardin et pour balayer devant sa porte, et qu’ils n’ont pas besoin des qualifications intellectuelles des écoles prestigieuses pour savoir tordre un morceau de fer et l’accrocher à quelque caténaire quand leurs contacts intérieurs à la SNCF leur a communiqué l’heure de coupure du jus la nuit prochaine. Il faudra donc en revenir à la santé mentale un jour et arrêter les guerres inutiles, contre la terreur ou contre je ne sais quel autre ennemi, et arrêter de faire régresser nos jeunes dans la barbarie la plus ignoble digne des croisades, ou d’ailleurs d’Hitler. Heureusement que le va-t-en-guerre qui sait gagner des guerres n’a pas été élu, ce gagneur de guerres comme celle du Vietnam, celle de la Somalie, celle d’Afghanistan, celle d’Irak, et quelle autre guerre encore ne nous aurait-il pas inventée ? Mais pensez un peu à la crotte puante que Barack Obama va devoir nettoyer. Vous pouvez être sûr que cela va puer et que les révolutionnaires du monde entier, surtout les anarcho-trotskistes vont nous rabattre les oreilles de je ne sais quel impérialisme américain qui n’a pas de couleur sinon celle de l’argent.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, Université Paris Dauphine, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne & Université Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines

Monday, December 01, 2008

Enjoy that film and regret with me the end that is disappointing. Western intellectuals would be so engrossed with their bellybuttons that they could only become grotesque characters in a subway station instead of being creative angels or devils according to the color of their fingers.


An interesting film about the very negative and inhumane consequences of the security policy that followed 9/11, though it was present already before. I got one of these famous letters giving you two weeks to leave the USA when I was in North Carolina, though I had been on a wrong visa for nine months and the immigration services knew about it and just tolerated it because I had to fulfill a contract that had been signed and the fault was that of a dumb bureaucrat in the US consulate in Bordeaux. 9/11 only increased the tension and made that policy a lot more systematic. But it is totally false to believe that this security policy is only trying to identify the illegal immigrants in the USA. The real aim is not to terrorize them (which it does of course), it is to really terrorize the potential illegal immigrants by treating those they catch like absolute manure: maybe like that a good proportion of them will not even envisage the trip. The point is not to control the flow but to keep it within reasonable limits because the millions of illegal immigrants are indispensable for the economy to go on working and be competitive. At the same time that enables labor costs to be brought down, hence to keep some rather high salaries at the top because at the bottom they are paid worse than slaves would be. At the same time the problem is a lot more complex than that. It is obvious that immigration would not be a problem if all countries in the world had the same chances to develop, which is not the case, and by developing I mean improve their lots at once economically, politically and culturally, if not psychologically and spiritually. What I consider the worst part of it is that these immigrants come into developed countries with the consumption requirements of their original living standards, just slightly improved, and thus they are able to live rather happily with very little, a lot lower than a fair proportion of us. The film is all the more interesting because it reveals that these immigrants are bringing in talents and qualifications that have little to do with the share of gross national product that enables them to live on the dream that they think is realized, though it is as precarious as precarious can be, like a sand castle on the tide line. In that particularly case it is music. In that particular case it also enables the university professor from Connecticut to admit that he is a pretender who is doing nothing in his life, teaching the same course he has been teaching for 25 years, writing books that are more or less nothing but patient pollen gathering that does not go beyond that and never reaches the level of honey, not to speak of royal jelly. But the end of the film is totally off the point. He has learned nothing after all, playing his drum in the Broadway-Lafayette Street subway station, when he should be playing in Central Park with all the other drum players because that’s what this contact should have led him to: sharing and enjoying with fellow-travelers in life the passion they have in common. He has not come out of his solitude or pretence: he has just learned to live his solitude in public. That’s very little.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines

NE PAS EN RESTER A LA SURFACE DES CHOSES. Bien sûr que l’on nous parle d’immigration clandestine, à la mode américaine. Bien sûr que l’on nous parle de la folie sécuritaire d’après le 11 septembre aux Etats Unis. Mais cette politique du renvoi des illégaux ou des pas en règle est ancienne et a toujours existé aux USA. Je l’ai personnellement rencontrée en 1970 sans aucun problème. C’était la faute d’un bureaucrate un peu barjot du consulat US de Bordeaux. Neuf ou dix mois en parfaite illégalité reconnue et tolérée car il y avait un contrat à la clé qu’il fallait bien honorer. La nouveauté est que la chasse se fait plus dure non pas pour simplement terroriser ceux qui sont pris, mais pour, en terrorisant ceux-ci et en les traitant comme du fumier, maintenir le flot et les flux à des niveaux acceptables, ni trop hauts, ni trop bas, car l’économie a besoin de toute façon d’un volant de main d’œuvre sous payée pour permettre au haut de l’échelle de garder ses privilèges. Les CDD de La Poste sont la même tactique : renier à des travailleurs pendant dix, vingt ans et même plus toute ancienneté, et les garder à l’échelon le plus bas et dans les tâches les moins valorisantes pour permettre aux titulaires d’avoir des profils de carrière intéressants et de ne pas trop se salir les mains. Et là on parle de travailleurs non irréguliers, de travailleurs notoirement en règle et très majoritairement français. Mais les sans papiers acceptent de vivre à un niveau à peine plus élevé que celui de leurs pays d’origine, ne serait-ce que pour pouvoir envoyer une partir de leur maigre salaire chez eux. Mais le plus important c’est que ces irréguliers, qui croient que leur rêve est enfin réalisé, apportent quelque chose qui a bien plus de valeur que la maigre portion du produit national brut qu’ils reçoivent. Dans ce film c’est la musique, un djembé, et le professeur d’université finit par admettre qu’il ne fait rien, qu’il donne le même cours qu’il fait tous les ans depuis 25 ans (et ne croyez pas que c’est uniquement américain ni marginal, la liste de farniente de luxe et qu’on dira très bien payé pour ce qu’ils font est longue, très longue, comme d’ailleurs les pétitions qu’ils signent dès qu’on leur rappelle qu’ils doivent « peut-être » travailler un peu), qu’il n’écrit que des livres qui ne sont que des ratissages de feuilles mortes qui ne produiront jamais du miel sans parler de la gelée royale. Et il apprend enfin a partager avec d’autres cette musique qu’il doit vivre sans le moins du monde penser avec son esprit raisonneur qui lui demanderait ce que cela peut bien lui rapporter. Mais c’est là que la fin est maigre car jouer du djembé seul sur un banc sans auditoire dans la station de métro de Broadway-Lafayette Street, au lieu d’avec tous les autres à Central Park au centre d’une foule compacte, c’est l’échec car il n’a pas appris à partager avec les autres sa passion qu’il a en commun avec ces autres, mais seulement à être seul en public et non plus caché dans un placard à balai intellectuel et universitaire entre un écran d’ordinateur et une cafetière électrique. C’est là une fin un peu, beaucoup, passionnément maigre.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, Université Paris Dauphine, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne & Université Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines


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