Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dear Students,
Since we are blocked right now, have been blocked for some time and might be blocked for still some time, I would advise you not to forget that there is an evaluation some time before the summer and you will have to be credited or not with this semester of English. I have already set some targets and goals for everyone with dates attached to these objectives, dates that should be feasible. Don't forget to prepare and be ready whenever it will be possible and necessary. If you have a question to ask you can always use this blog or deposit a message at my hotel in Paris (01 43 72 85 48) where I am from wednesday afternoon to saturday. I will always be at your disposal if you need some advice or information during the official hours of our classes, provided you let me know, and we will be able to meet somewhere around the gates. I do not go upstairs and will not as long as the lifts will be blocked. You must understand that in Paris I do not have an Internet connection if I cannot reach the departmental computers and I do not have a cell phone, be it only because it is a nuisance (check with Stephen King what the dangers of these malevolent and contagiously ombilical machines are. It all starts with a cell phone and we all end up in The Running Man). I sure am at your disposal some hours a week and ready to answer questions, though I will not commit myself on the present situation because it does not concern me at all. I am only concerned - and personally mind you - by the 25% of young people who get out of the schooling system with absolutely nothing at all, rejected and marginalized into dependence and total assistance. And just imagine what happens to them when they reach 26 and cannot qualify any more for the "help" only people under 26 can get. That's the only fact I am moved by: the fact that 25% of the population is programmed to be socially marginalized, and that has been going on for at least three decades. And in 2006 the Restos du Coeur did not even have enough food for these people.
I hope you will not be completely lost when we can go back to work.
See you maybe next week.
Jacques, as I am known in international skies or in the Sri Lankan jungle.

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