Friday, July 06, 2007

That was so long ago
Since then so many things have changed
CPE out
Chirac out
Royal out
Buffet out
Voynet out
The left got three female bodies on the ground!
Attempt to occupy Tolbiac after the presidential election in 2007: out in 24 hours sharp
And things are going to change so fast that any normally constituted person should get dizzy, at least.
Enjoy the 2007 summer and read Stephen King's Blaze or watch Murnau's Faust or listen to Pizzetti's Assassinio nella cattedrale
If you survive this summer there might be some hope for you, especially if you manage to live through the drought and the heat wave they announced in February and March and April for this very 2007 summer
Don't believe weathermen, or weatherwomen, or weatherpeople. They know so little that they take their "corrected " data for reality.

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