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Life is beautiful but some livings are mentally dead


We, Ivan and I, are so deeply dipped into Asian reality and the future of this planet that after a while we do not know what is happening around us, if some in this world are dumb enough to set the world afire just for the privilege of pretending they will never accept to become number two, or even number three within five to ten years. The same are ready to do the same thing just to keep their white supremacy in their own countries where ethnic and religious minorities are little by little crawling up the social ladder and becoming the global majority in these western havens of all kinds of fundamentalist, bigot, racist, sexist extremetists who are just frightened by the perspective of having to share power with people of color or Muslims.

So we live divided between the beauty of ranting and imagining what the world may become tomorrow and the madness of raving what those who are on the decline may cause to that world tomorrow morning after a night of sleepless twitting.

One has the justified right to be afraid.
One has the right and the duty to dream.
One has the right to believe in love and happiness.

Dr. Jacques COULARDEAU, Olliergues February 19, 2018

Ivan puts the countries he visits under his belt. He might one day become potbellied because of it. Personally, I put them in my feet, in my orthopedic soles, and in my shoes. And I find out that my steps are getting maybe slower with all those miles, be it only because of the jet lag of so many trips.  I do not know where Serban puts the countries he visits but his site seems to imply he visits a lot of places, at least virtually. And this enriches his or our desktops with a lot of news and colors.

We are the future of this world. It is not a question of age. It is a question of spirit, and the right spirit in our age is to open up our minds to anything new, any necessary reform of what has always been the same too long. Everything changes at all times, and all the time.

Anicca. Total absence of permanence, total impermanence, and constant change.

Then anything we have is going to change and our having it or them is going to come to an end and start all over again. Love is eternal only when it is finished and we can remember it forever, well, till death us parts from our recollections. This is so simple.

Dukkha. Total absence of durable or lasting satisfaction and satiety. As soon as we have quenched our thirst the road to more thirst is starting and it will not be very long before we are thirsty again.

And if things, states, beings, situations are always flexible, changing, erratically or phylogenetically evolving from one state to another we obviously have no self, no soul, and no entity has any essence that lasts more than a single instant before it changes again and becomes something else. This absence of essence because of the absence of durability, because of the unavoidability of change and impermanence is the core of our life and we have to make do with it.

Anattā. Nothing has any stability, durability, even sustainability. In fact, sustainability means that every moment in the life of any entity is producing the emergence of a new state in the existence of this entity.  And we can only provide us and the world with what the world and we need to evolve from one state to the next. And too often we cannot even, imagine what the next state or stage will be before it arrives.

Those concepts come from Buddhism and from Asia and the West is not able to understand and accept them. That’s the future of our universe because that future is unpredictable. We can plan as much as we want, and yet we cannot say what is going to happen tomorrow. In fact, we might even be dead if a nuclear OCD-ed lunatic presses on the right or wrong button.  Who can know what these OCD-ed politicians can do when they get in the recess of their restrooms?

Be sure I consider this philosophy superb and probably the best in life because we cannot control this life. We sure can and should control the shit we cast in the world because polluting is the worst thing we can do, like sawing the branch on which we sit between the trunk and the spot where we sit. But we cannot say with certitude if carbon dioxide is the main or even the sole cause of the weather change we are experiencing right now. Dinosaurs disappeared long before man could in any way pollute the earth and its atmosphere.

Yet we have to clean up the mess we have made and keep from making more mess than we should, which means NONE AT ALL. Though we know the worst mess we are doing is invading and overloading this planet with a population that is getting everyday denser and more excessive.

That’s what I have learned from all my voyages. I guess Ivan has learned things that are similar. And I presume Serban has done the same and we can look at the world with pride and a lot of patience, though it is true I would really like to blow the whole planet up because somewhere I am an OCD-ed rational-minded individual and I must admit that most people around me are OCD-ed totally irrational-minded volatile individuals. The only common point is we all are egocentric and only blind deaf and dumb people can think differently because it is this egocentrism that enables the world to change and probably to improve.

Enjoy then the trip you will find in so many pages and books here collected, all connected to our triad.

Olliergues, France, October 23, 2017

The present has to be blown up (a famous film indeed) and the immediate surroundings in which we live have to be just discarded: back to Homo Sapiens in Africa some 150,000 years ago!

From 2009 to 2015 Ivan was my student at Paris I University of Panthéon-Sorbonne and then my personal assistant. He played a role that is important for us who want to penetrate the mysteries of the cosmos, at times at the smaller scale of our own little self: research is always a hunting adventure after ourselves, a cruel and difficult hunt for what we may accept to think after long periods of debate about subjects that have been examined and explored by many people and yet not in the light we would prefer. The assistant is both a doppelganger and he stimulating challenge: how can I make the assistant understand the value of what I propose after fifty years of research whereas he is virginal, innocent, practical still uncultivated, just a promise we believe in and listen to. Ivan was the one who reacted at first at the chapters of my research I submitted to him for critical reading and such critical reactions are the signs of something that is not perfect, clear or complete.

Then Ivan moved to bringing some remarks and some data to the research that was being done together and he finally jumped into the shotgun seat and brought his own research on whole chapters of the work. When we confronted our views it was sometimes tense, sometimes emotional, sometimes intense, but always fiery and courteous as if we were in some old tournament trying to conquer for both of us the golden fleece of the legend. . . And that’s when the assistant becomes an inspiration and starts haunting the master with a constant challenge, night and day. Since then he has been trying to create a universe of his own (

Ivan and more recently Serban have become part of this long adventure or quest that finds its symbolical vestment in this question: What was Cro-Magnon’s language? And this simple question took us to many continents over several hundred thousand years and simple questions about the finality of the natural selection of some mutations that produced Homo Sapiens and it is today clear that selection was performed to make Homo Sapiens a long distance fast bipedal runner. The invention of language was a collateral side-effect, like the pianist getting shot in a Far West frontier saloon after the Civil War.

Along with this research I dedicated during these years several books of poetry (four exactly not listed below but all available at any Amazon Kindle Store) to Ivan who more or less opened up some gates in my mind that even Sri Lanka and Buddhism had not been able to open, at least completely, though for me Pïdurangala and their Buddhist monastery and school are sacred lands.

Serban V.C. Enache ( joined the adventure with his own books of fiction and then with his review of the latest book on the Indian Ocean. That review was requested by a university publisher in Barcelona, though after a while they preferred not to publish it. You will find it on

Just dare explore some of these books and enjoy our diversity. Human life would be so boring if we did not have such meeting of minds and souls that are at times so different but that discover they can work together and reach out to things they could not even imagine before. Some call that love. I prefer calling it life.

Paris & Olliergues, October 10, 2016


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