Friday, November 17, 2017


My very City Urban Reindeerboy from Sweden

Legion | City Cowboy

Legion by City Cowboy, Pop music from Kalmar, SE on ReverbNation

There is paranoid nightmarish fear if not fright in our aging City Cowboy. I got the men, the dogs, the cats, I missed the next one and I got the goats (not sure) and the rats; Careful my urbanite cowboy you are going to sink in a burning sea of schizophrenic sulfur. The Apocalypse is next door and beyond it is the destruction of Red Babylon, the whore of the world, both male and female, and even hermaphrodite, anbisextrous as well as ambidextrous, practicing its onanism with the left hand or the right hands, or both eventually: it is all a question of size. It all starts like that: fear, then fright, then paranoia, then schizophrenia or psychosis and finally the great jump into the burning furnace of the fundamental ethical totalitarianism of the primeval uterus.


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