Thursday, November 16, 2017


Lust in the political garb of predators

Nothing never satisfies no hunger of theirs

Now a louder, more engaged citizen. Enjoy TrumPooning (lampooning Trump) in poems and songs. Hopefully, introspection, insight, humility & humor are evident!
Nov 15

Moore Rage

Two sleaze in the squad. (Image courtesy of

The thought of teenage
Victims, underage
His lust to assuage
Begets outrage
But serves to upstage
The sins of the POTUS
                             Harper THORPE

The Turkey, the Goose or the Chick must have lost their feathers

Wet and gluey French kiss à la Broadway

Predators & Co in Political Garb

No sin in this crime
Plain blind flesh
One little small tiny part
Of a mindless body
Fantasizing eternal youth
In his child oriented lust
The POTUS prefers them
Slightly more mature
Resisting or being shocked
More than plainly surprised
Intrigued mesmerized
Forgetting claws and teeth
Subservient in shame
                        Dr. Jacques COULARDEAU

The youngest for the trip

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