Thursday, October 05, 2017


The Mayas are the ultimate archaeological adventure

Invitation to Homo Sapiens in the Americas
Follow the Guide, Dr. Jacques COULARDEAU
The Mayas, Key & Lock of America.
For the Curious – and the Final Bosses
And Resources are Infinite for any Mental Adventurer

But First some Petits-Fours for the road

Now the Clovis hypothesis has been pushed aside, that theory that said no Homo Sapiens came to the Americas before something like 12,000 years ago, some 7,000 years after the peak of the Ice Age; now with the evidence that Homo Sapiens crossed the Bering Strait before the peak of Ice Age something around 25,000 years ago; now it becomes possible to consider the digs in southern Chile that have already reached that time and it promises to go even further back; and now we have the proof of another migration from the Southern Pacific, a migration that would have gone beyond Easter island. . . […]

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