Sunday, September 24, 2017


These Chinese who are tumbling Trump's mind


In our present time of crises and contradictions we have to stop one moment and think as clearly as possible upon this following question: “Will we survive the present crisis, not as individuals, not as nations, but as humanity?” They all tell us about the ecological dangers in the present time: the warming up of our planet; the climate change on our planet; the carbon cycle that comes to a peak that will cause the eradication of some 80 to 90% of all species on our planet soon, even if it takes ten thousand years to be completed. And then you can add the various bubbles – debt, real estate, overproduction, financial speculation, and even the social bubble of unrefrained and uncontrolled migration and the explosion of refugees among these migrants – building up here and there in the economy and the craziness of some of the extremes of our political system who pretend that states do not have to mind their debts and that more money to the poor will bring economic growth. States can do what they want, provided they keep their national currency autonomy.

This last idea is the proof the world is sick and probably dying of insanity because there are so many examples in history and particularly over the last four or five centuries of crises in one country, in several countries, in many countries that prove a limited financial crisis can bring the world down and Keynes has not changed that. He has at best given us the illusion that we can live on credit, not as individuals who are always caught up by their debts, but as nations who can always do what they want with their currency, close their borders, introduce limitations on the circulation of money, foreign currencies and many other things of the sort like imports and exports.

Keynes could not know the globalized world we are just entering. And in this globalized world goods, money, currencies, everything is one and no country can survive alone, no country can even live alone, and unluckily no country can die alone. What happens in one country is at once propagated into the whole world like ripples or waves on the ocean. And some want to see everything is so connected that it is all some kind of predestination, some fate: all is in all and everything is everywhere at once. . .


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