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Cro-Magnon's Language



This file gives you the introduction of what is the first part of a long research that has been going on for most of my life and has been progressively intensified since 2005 when I moved to Paris Sorbonne, and other Paris private or public universities.

This first part counts seven chapters.

CHAPTER ONE: The Triple Articulation of Language
CHAPTER TWO: Philogeny and Migrations
CHAPTER THREE: Agglutinative Language
CHAPTER FOUR: Theo Vennemann
CHAPTER FIVE: The Migrations
CHAPTER SIX: Darwinization in Question
CHAPTER SEVEN: Where Gustave Guillaume Meets with Sally McBrearty

This long introduction gives all the concepts and procedures used in the research. I submit this file for discussion before the publication of the whole work (the first part only though, seven chapters). The second part is ready to go through its final proof reading and assessment, which will take at least six months of hard work. 

I hope you enjoy reading these pages and I hope you take part in the discussion. I will integrate, in a way or another, all remarks or contributions in the final published work. At the present moment the manuscript counts 372 pages with 347 pages of text and 23 pages of notes (514 notes so far), and 228,379 words at (the) last count.

I have added some pictures in this introduction to make it easier to read. These pictures are all rock face paintings dated, most of them, from before the Ice Age, from all over the world. The oldest are from Indonesia and those from Baja California are undated due so far to the fact that the colors used by the people who painted these rocks do not contain any charcoal or carbon. More advanced dating procedure have not yet been used. The meaning is clear: no matter where these Homo Sapiens migrated they took along with them one or several languages, first, and some other capabilities, abilities and competences that made them do very similar things in very different conditions. Homo Sapiens has always been a communicational being with articulated languages and appetency for spiritual and artistic endeavors.

I consider that was unique with Homo Sapiens though some other Hominins had varying degrees of such tools and potentials, but apparently none equaled Homo Sapiens’ survival capability.

Olliergues July 2, 2017
(Ivan Eve being on a journey around the world with his love partner)

Research Interests:
ArchaeologyAnthropologyLanguages and LinguisticsOrigin of LanguagePhylogenyand 3 more

Final Invite

This is the introduction to the first part of my research on the phylogeny of language since the emergence of Homo Sapiens some 300,000 years ago, at least. I try to coordinate the phylogeny of articulated human language onto the migrations of Homo Sapiens out of Africa and I get to the idea that the main three linguistic families can be thus ordered in time as well as along with the dispersal of man across the face of the earth. This introduction is submitted to discussion and all remarks and contribution will be integrated in the final work to be published within a few months. I thank you for your time and your remarks and I hope you do enjoy the summer. Jacques

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