Tuesday, May 30, 2017


God gets lost in GMOs


Welcome to the apocalypse of this world, I mean Europe only, even if dragging Africa in its wake, but definitely no USA or Americas, no Great Britain, no Russia and no Asia. But do not believe they are absent. In fact, they are in the unmentioned background. We are dealing with GMOs, the too famous Genetically Modified Organisms, both animal and vegetal, mainly developed by the USA and adopted in the Americas and Asia.

But in fact we have here what I would consider as a dystopia, that is to say nothing close to any utopia, except if Animal Farm is considered a utopia. And it is true it could be for people who cannot see the light of the stars without thinking of the sharp points of such stars and wasting their mental time wondering how many points these stars may have. Then we fall into what is oratory, the art or practice of formal speaking in public, or the eloquent or rhetorical language of some politicians in any beer fest, cattle fair or roller coasting funfair, and in the background what it is in the Roman Catholic Church, i.e. a religious society of secular priests founded in Rome in 1564 to provide plain preaching and popular services, established in various countries, and by metonymic extension that plain preaching itself against GMOs, and thus we get to some Grossly Magnified Oration about some “ecologically incorrect political science fiction,” if such a definition of this book is not excessive.

In Europe where GMOs, in the standard understanding of the acronym, are banned, a group of researchers, businessmen, entrepreneurs and other political and economic social climbers have decided to change the situation in order to make a lot of money. So they take over an anti-GMO respectable genetic business and turn it into a war machine against anything that could be “natural” or at least what is supposed to be natural.

First they invent the new plants by crisscrossing various species. Then they do the same with some pests they are going to use as destroying armadas against standard agriculture, then they start playing with these new plants on their private land somewhere inconspicuous in Europe and they start the “industrial” exploitation of these new plants in Africa where it solves the problem of hunger. To clean up the European plate they systematically spread the new pests over agricultural exploitations and farms to create starvation and famine. Then politicians are easy preys since they have to feed the people and even most crops from across the Atlantic where GMOs are the norm become both too expensive and the only alternative, apart from the GMOs devised by this band of European criminal entrepreneurs under the sole monopolistic name of Genesis.

The possible competitors in Europe are ready for becoming the victims of moralistic and ethical snipers since on the side the main man in this line of clean business is accompanying his ethical chemistry and his campaign for ecological agriculture in self-sufficient farms with a vast network of prostitution and his own practice of carnal love for very young girls. This man is also able to drag into his sensual perversion one of the highest ranking religious person just under the Pope. This man, Will Smart, and his friendly priest, Yan Varga, are both Hungarian and absolutely off limits. But be sure justice, both civilian and religious, will catch up on them, though they will manage to escape more or less.

But that will give the whole of Africa and the whole of Europe to the sole Genesis. Isn’t that a shame and tremendous entrepreneurial success? Yes, it is indeed.

I regret though the fuzziness on what GMO covers. If it is only crossing one plant with another, that is not very recent. Maize, also called Indian corn, is a typical plant devised long before the Christian Era by the simple crossing and selecting of species since the wild plant in Mexico and around that can reproduce itself by shedding its grains on the ground has been turned into a plant that cannot reproduce itself naturally without the helping hands of humans because the ear of maize is wrapped up in a hermetic husk and sealed by the corn silk at the tip of it. The grains are also very firmly attached to the corn cob itself. Gregor Mendel is the final tip of this iceberg of species selection and crossing. GMOs today go far beyond what our ancestors invented even before the last Ice Age somewhere around 20,000 or 30,000 years ago, at least. We can be against integrating in a plant weed killers, pest killers and disease treatments that will still be present in the final plant, thus feeding to people these chemical elements without knowing what the consequences on the health of consumers could be, except that it cannot be innocuous. The line between crossing various species of one plant to improve its performance or to produce some hybrids that have qualities that the original plants would not have is a very standard method in agriculture and has been for a long time. Most European vineyards are planted with traditional varieties hybridized onto American varieties that are the base to the hybrid and provide this hybrid with some qualities only the American native varieties possess, like resistance to phylloxera.

I also find the attack against the Catholic Church that sees the godlike saving intervention of Genesis to cope with famine as some competition against the concept of God, the business stock of the Catholic Church, though not only, slightly easy and in contradiction with the end when the Pope apparently remains nicely neutral, and anyway totally unrealistic about the depth and ideological pregnancy and power of religion in our modern godless world. This world might be godless but the main dimension of religion does not need God to exist, which explains why Buddhism can thrive though it does not state the existence of any creator or god.

But this book is an interesting trip in some fears of the 21st century vastly amplified by populism here and there that wants to be effective by getting rid of all norms and ethical rules in the name of “back to national basics,” “America first” or “Britain first.”


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