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Romania in heroic fantasy science fiction

Serban V.C. ENACHE @Amazon (78)

Serban VC Enache, Fantastic-Heroic Novelist

Serban VC Enache, Romanian Novelist


Welcome to my tiny shady spot of a realm 

I'm a 27 year old fiction writer interested in economics, history, metaphysics, science, technology, comedy, and politics. My medieval fantasy series Of Hate And Laughter has come at last. This universe of mine is one of infernal majesty.

Born on March 25, 1989, in Bucharest/Romania. Single parent child. I blame my mother for the long-ass name. Licensed in journalism. Creator of the Of Hate And Laughter series. This universe is one of infernal majesty; it's my heart and soul. If it matters to anyone, my sun sign is Aries, moon sign is Scorpio, mars sign is Gemini. I don't believe in astrology, by the way ^_^. My interests are: MMT (modern monetary theory), politics, history, literature, tv-shows, movies, games, music (from epic soundtracks to gothic metal), and I enjoy walking the green and concrete. I'm a deficit owl and social progressive. I'm also pretty good at drawing. My favorite author is Garth Marenghi (look him up). My favorite comedian is George Carlin. My favorite sitcom is NewsRadio. My favorite actor is Phil Hartman.
Research Interests:
Dystopian Literature, Slavery, Science Fiction, Mythical-Heroic Sagas, Utopianism, Feudalism and Lordship, Fiction, Fantastic Literature, Blood Vengeance, and Political Treachery

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