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Poetry and Poésie in a cosmological drama


There is never an end for who writes poetry or poetical prose, who goes beyond the meaning of words to capture the meaning of life and the meaning of death. Only a poet like Rimbaud, raped by Verlaine out of lust and with no love, can escape this world to become a slave dealer in Ethiopia, that is to say providing female and male slaves to the countries around Ethiopia and to the colonizers from the West.

But life is always the winner, if you deny it to some, then it denies itself to you. And Rimbaud died of syphilis on the embankment of Marseilles as soon as he got off the ship that brought him back.

Rimbaud was probably autistic with the Asperger syndrome and his being raped for years, day after night and night after day by Verlaine and all the other members of this tribe of pedophiles, he developed the worst possible PTSS, the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome of rape, and particularly acute it must have been because he probably had an orgasm every single time because that was contact with another human being and his being autistic made such contact difficult on his side, so he submitted to what came from the other side, etc...

Research Interests:
Religion, Christianity, Buddhism, Literature, Poetry, Gay And Lesbian Studies, Trauma Studies, History of Slavery, Suicide, Philosophy of Love, Judaism, France, Paris, PTSS, and Bordeaux

Poetry, Oniric and Dramatic (Updated)

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