Monday, February 27, 2017


Mathias the Uncatchable Alien from Overthere


The street is long
Mind you all the lights
The cars the zebra crossings
Bicycles pedestrians
Never can I see it all alone

You must think of tomorrow
I won’t be with you all the time
Says Mathias in my mind

I reach the tower block
I climb to my seventh floor
I hate urnal coffin lifts
I prefer stairs and steps
Their obscene graffiti

You should think of tomorrow
I don’t intend to always be there
Says Mathias in my brain

I unlock open my door
I get into my office
I turn on all the machines
Coffee machine first of all
And I sit contemplative

You have to think of tomorrow
I intend not to be here all the time
Says Mathias in my skull

OK Mathias doppelganger
What’s on tomorrow?
My agenda says nada
So what do you have in mind?
In my mind, mind you?

I have nothing in mind Matthew
Remember the mind is only you
Tomorrow I go on a vacation

You go on a vacation Mathias
You desert mind, brain and skull
you abandon me all alone
You maroon me in the rolling sea
Of this here bare barren crowd

Like it or not dear Matthew
There are laws in this country
Including for friends of the mind

You, my mindful friend, Mathias
You who will dispose of me tomorrow
Dump me in a loony bin of trash
Strand me to drown in populace
To Choke on a mouthful of people

Oh yes, my very dear friend Matthew
I will go for two weeks
You can start mourning today

I love that, you my friend
I lodge you in my mind
You haunt my brain day and night
You feed on all my thoughts
And I must do shivah’ in my skulls

But Matthew my very dear friend
You will adapt, adjust, ad lib
And you will even love me more

You have a point there, Mathias
Ungrateful grateless grating
Grater that rants and raves gratis
Me Rigoletto power twenty
Laughing stock of my soul

Except little beloved Matthew
You will never have me killed
We are friends till death us parts

Or till I take a loony therapist
Who will pull you out of my proteins
In no time though with many tears
Yell yawl yowl perchance yodel
I swear I’ll stop after a while

You see, just my point Matthew
You are crazy and I am it
The craze that makes you live

I know what you’re going to say
Let’s admit our fate together
We are friends till love us parts
Can you hear the tolling bells
That’s no love that’s death

Better have a dirge Matthew
A lamentation in an urn
Than your friend in a cesspool


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Fearless John’s Prayer to the Black Virgin
Of La Chaise-Dieu Abbey church   p. 114

All these poems and stories are dedicated to Lucretia who helped crossing the long depression between the mountain of hostile war and the mountain of reconstruction.
Some people, some events played an enormous role in those years, The University of Perpignan in their Mende unit; the Festival of La Chaise-Dieu and sacred music, music, and music again; Michel Thénot of Central Parc with whom I visited dozens of Romanesque churches running after Black Virgins; in Sri Lanka Sujeewa and Sudarshani and the confrontation with elephants; and then Paris with several life-ghosts who made me recapture life: many were named Arthur but some stand out, Ivan, Paula and Animata. Special mention to Christian Gauchet, Ghalib Hakkak and Père Emmanuel Gobilliard.
They are too numerous to be named all. They are legions and that’s how we survive on this earth, satiated with love, friendship and mental and spiritual experience.

KINDLE DIRECT PUBLISHING, September 26, 2012 etc.
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