Friday, January 20, 2017


Trump has learned nothing. Viva Hiroshima! Viva Nagasaki! That's his language.

José VALVERDE, translation Jacques COULARDEAU

I DEDICATE THIS WORK TO DONALD TRUMP. Listen to his inaugural speech ( and just think of the past he’ seems to have forgotten.

« Arrogant, nationalistic, locked up on and in himself, promising a new industrial era that cannot come for technological reasons. "Only America first" becomes a protectionist promise to Americans and a nationalist the rest of the world. “Bring back” is the main word, but it will be essentially infrastructural work because roads cannot be built in China. And eradicating Islamic Terrorism from the face of the world is a dream that cannot be achieved by the USA only, and the Bible is not an authority in politics. »


Even when fully written a play is still and always remains a project. Only its performance after working with the actors during the rehearsals brings out the proper music with its tempos and its colors, because for me theater is first of all a musical genre, a concerto whose instruments, the actors, are not defined beforehand. This assertion might surprise those who will note the play is very realistically inspired by unluckily real events. And nothing is final? Actors change but audiences do too, and the weather outside as seen in our inner time. A play only exists during the short length of time of the performance. Only those who would try to produce this “dramatic project”, the director and the actors could give a temporarily more final version of it with or without my active support. Another version exists in French with four extra characters, historical characters who are here referred to without being present (Please ask for it if interested).

The play takes place in the Oval Office at the White House, Washington, on August 6, 1945, that is on the day of the dropping of the first atom bomb on Japan. The names and official functions of the main characters are real but their declarations are entirely fictitious as imagined by the author, though quite believable. Major Patricia Hinsmith is entirely fictional.

La pièce se déroule dans le salon ovale de la Maison Blanche à Washington le 6 Août 1945, c'est-à-dire le jour du lancement de la première bombe atomique sur le Japon. Elle commence au moment de l’envol du B29 depuis l’ile américaine de Tinian avec la bombe dans sa soute.  Les noms et les fonctions officielles des principaux personnages sont authentiques mais leurs paroles sont de la pure imagination de l’auteur tout en étant vraisemblables. Le Major HINSMITH est imaginaire. Les évènements et les discussions qui ont eu lieu à la Maison Blanche sont à peu près connus mais ils se sont déroulés pendant au moins une semaine. J’ai souhaité contracté le temps, le lieu et l’action. De manière à donner aux évènements relatés authentiques la dimension d’une tragédie classique qui implique unité de lieu, unité de temps, unité d’action. Il s’agit de théâtre !;;; and all other Amazon stores. KDP Edition
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