Tuesday, January 31, 2017


And Trump casts some oil on such fire and carnage with anti-Muslim segregation!

January 30, 14:00 pm


There is no good side.
Cameroon is an ex-French-and-German colony that has a very strange history. The more humane way would be to cut the country in two. But that was done in Sudan and the south is now engulfed in a civil war within their own limits. And who can decide? What procedure to implement such a project?

All Black African countries inherit a millennium (if not two or even maybe three) long situation in which one dominant tribe (Muslim before the arrival of the Europeans) was exploiting the non-Muslims, the animists and later the Christians with slavery, servitude, and the common and regular selling of young men and women into slavery at first to northern Africa and then to the Europeans in Western Africa, mostly to Muslim countries in northern Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent on the Indian Ocean side and before Islam the various empires (Roman and Persian mainly but not only).

Colonization did not change the situation and it exploited the dominance of the dominant tribe most of the time to control the whole country. This inheritance is true in Mali, in Cameroon, in Central Africa. In Mauritania they went as far as expelling the non-Muslims after independence. ETC.

Remember Rwanda, not to speak of Congo.

The Mali Empire, before becoming Muslim saw the alternating Muslims and Animists do exactly the same thing to the other side when they were in power. The animists enslaved the Muslims and the Muslims enslaved the animists, till the Muslims had the final victory in the 13th century.

But once again no one in the world has the authority and the legitimacy to intervene though the French are often tempted to meddle with the situation: they pretend they have some kind of historical responsibility there since they were the colonial power for several centuries.


This is worst than tyranny. It's barberism and how could you call people you treat like animals terrorists? In this video, the agent with the long stick shouts in French: "I need the part with flesh." Warning: It's graphic. Appalling! These are soldiers treating innocent citizens of the Southern Cameroons like feed for the fodder. They hurt them badly and have fun doing it, with videos.

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