Friday, December 30, 2016


Is the human species sadistic in its gene's?

Never Ending Mortiferous Death Instinct

The Bliss of violence: Thanatos meets Eros


There is no end
There can be no end
Since 1095 we have been crusading in the Middle East

Then Bush Sr. went to Kuwait
Then Bush Jr. went to Afghanistan
Then Bush Jr. went to Iraq
Then Sarkozy, Cameron and a few others went to Libya
Then Obama did not end these wars
As he had promised

The Arab Spring came and went
Solving nothing
Blair being the overlooker in general

Then DAESH came to Iraq, to Syria, 
to Libya, and finally to Europe
DAESH will be defeated
But the problem will remain
And Europe will be fair game and hunting ground to united clandestine terrorists

Happy New Year 2017!
Research Interests:
Globalization, Terrorism, Violence, Early Modern History, Political Violence and Terrorism, Torture, Postmodernism, Fear of Crime, Alienation, Thanatos, Frustration theory, Retaliation, and Death Instincts

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