Sunday, December 18, 2016


As for social climbing cats are best


Cat stories are always tricky and this Percy is no exception. He is from Hawaii or somewhere around there. He has no family really and only a Polly mother substitute. He lives like a wild cat, eating from garbage cans and dumpsters, having fun chasing and hunting who knows what, and befriending anyone and in this case a little boy, but he missed the plane and has to go after him all by himself on his own and he becomes some kind of stowaway on a big ship to Los Angeles, you know one of these places in California where people have wings and can fly. Since his friend was going to a big white house he naturally ends up in THE White House in Washington DC. Good morning capital city on the Potomac.

And there he is the everlasting cat of the White House from Carter to Bush senior. That makes many presidents indeed. And you will learn a little bit about this White House and the (p)residents who are only temporary and transient, like some kind of immigrants who cannot stay more than eight years in this place, at times less. Unluckily for a cat these (p)residents have the habit of having dogs. But well I guess dogs are fun provided they cannot climb up the curtains, which a cat can do with no difficulties at all. But these cats better not scratch the armchairs of the Oval Office.

But at times, and apparently Ronald Reagan was one of them, these (p)residents can pamper and over care for this Percy, hiding their own abuse of jelly beans by force feeding them to the cat, well force feeding is a little bit forceful because Percy is a glutton. And this defect produces the funniest episode in Hawaii when he got trapped in a garbage collecting truck because he was too busy eating garbage to get out of the dumpster before being dumped in the garbage collecting truck.

You will enjoy the story that is funny in a way, educational in another way, and probably picaresque enough to make you dream of some kind of adventure of your own. And what’s more this adventure is so nicely cut clean and proper that you will be able to tell everything you’ve learned at your kindergarten or primary school just as if you had been there in the White House on Ronald Reagan’s desk. But do not forget to tell them that even there in the White House there are rats and mice and that since they are residing in the White House they are the biggest and friendliest rats and mice in the world.

There is no greater friend in the world than an American cat and an American rat. And the cat Percy always shows mercy to the rat Dercy and the Mouse Vercy. Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. How about making friends with Percy, the White House cat?


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