Saturday, December 24, 2016


2017 Welcome and Celebrate

Welcome 2017


My personal greetings to everyone for 2017 in French and in English, all angels blowing in their trumpets to bring the walls of Jericho down and rebuild the Tower of Babel destroyed by mistake by God himself on a day of mistaken inebriated omniscience. 2017 will be the First Year of the Butlerian Jihad.
Research Interests:
Terrorism, Political Violence and Terrorism, Political Extremism/Radicalism/Populism, Populism, and Sibylline Oracles


Editions La Dondaine's Kindle Catalogue


The 18 Kindle ebooks published by Editions La Dondaine over the last three years or so. We do not believe in paper as the main medium nowadays because the distribution and diffusion of ideas and intellectual property works will become more and more digital. Paper will become an elite if not effete heritage kept in libraries and archives that will be more like museums or mausoleums than reading places. Authors: Michel Caubet, Vanessa Chevallier, Annunzio Coulardeau, Jacques Coulardeau, Ivan Eve, Kévin Thorez, José Valverde.

Research Interests:
Digital Humanities, Digital Media, Digital Media & Learning, and Digital Library

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