Thursday, October 13, 2016


7 years of work & discovery, Ivan, Jacques, Serban, Annunzio and some others



Jacques COULARDEAU, Ivan EVE & Serban V.C. ENACHE at Amazon & at (68)

From 2009 to 2015 Ivan was my student and then assistant. He played a role that is important for us who want to penetrate the mysteries of the cosmos, at times at the smaller scale of our own little self. He was the one who reacted at first at the chapters of my research I submitted to him for critical reading and such reactions are the sign of something that is not perfect, clear or complete. 

Then he moved to bringing some remarks and some data to the research that was being done together and he finally jumped into the shotgun seat and brought his own research on whole chapters of the work. When we confronted our views it was sometimes tense, sometimes emotional, sometimes intense, but always fiery and courteous as if we were in some old tournament trying to conquer for both of us the golden fleece of the legend. 

P.S. The illustrator of some of these books is Annunzio Coulardeau, my 37 year old son who lives in Toulouse. He is in music, art, computer technology and radio producing. He owes his name in homage to Gabrielle d’Annunzio. He prefers going under the name of Hallah Hallah (

Research Interests:

Media Studies, New Media, Digital Media, LGBT Issues, Indian Ocean History, Silk Road Studies, Social Media, Sri Lanka,China, Debate over Same-Sex Marriage, Media, Supreme Court, Supernatural, U.S. Supreme Court Litigation, Series TV, G F Handel, Sri Lankan Literature in English, Marshall McLuhan, Indian Ocean World, Indian Ocean Trade, LGBT Studies, Same Sex Marriage, McLuhan, Handel, Lgbtq,Container Shipping, TV Series, Proposition 8, Shipping Container Architecture, US Supreme Court, Agrippina Minor, and Maritime Silk Roads

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