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Jacques Coulardeau & Harry Potter at (64)



J.K. Rowling had sworn she was finished with Harry Potter, sworn so loud that everyone knew it was a lie. She tried some other styles but it did not work really. 

So revive that poor dead and buried Harry Potter the author changes media and shifts from the printing press to the theater stage where she finds two people who are going to help her in that new venture, a playwright and a stage director.

The play in London was and is a success but the book, though bestselling is going to be disappointing to the readers who have not seen the play. The money-making logic of the venture will lead the producers of the play to releasing a DVD-Bluray capture of the stage production as fast as possible for the millions of people who want more than a few stage directions. She might be tempted to shift directly to a cinema production but that will frustrate the readers the same way since a cinema production cannot be compared to a play. It is like moonshine and starshine in a fully sunny sky. The film will have to betray the play to be realistic in its special effects.

But what I discover is that the author, from the very start, is obsessed by trilogies, triads, ternary structures, and so on.

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Popular literature is the mirror in which the standard literate audience of any country, even the world, is looking at itself. The authors are only the go-between and the intercessors. There is no hope for anyone in this globalized world if we do not have some popular literature, becoming films, TV series and whatever can reach the WIDEST audience that enables people to dream and be haunted by the liberating cathartic vision of a multi-layer world.

J.K. Rowling is a ternary mind (probably from too much Christian education), so she sees a world cut in three tiers.

On top the muggle world, the one you and I can see everyday.

Under or behind the world of wizards and witchcraft, but the good one, that of Harry Potter and consorts.

Finally even deeper or farther behind the world of Voldemort, the wizard turned wicked, evil and morbid, the populist wizard calling for the persecution of muggles, the cult of pure bloods , the full domination of everyone by his dung beetles and Shadows of Death.

It is a nightmare that we have to keep in mind all the time. It takes very little for this world of evil populist fascistic isolationist and imperialistic policies to become true any time and start a burkini witch hunt.
That's why Harry Potter is the catharsis we need for us not to vote for the lethal and death-bringing trompe l'oeil politicians that try to hypnotize us into locking the doors and the windows, even the chimneys of course, to anything that is not pure, meaning purely us and nothing else.

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