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Dr Jacques Coulardeau



The only question we may ask when watching so many films by one film maker covering a thirty year period is about the existential meaning of the whole set. 
First let me tell you I do not give a damn about the film maker’s personality or personal data. That he had a bad or good youth with a father who was loving or terrifying;, and a mother who was evanescent or over powering is of no concern to me though we could say hat the  virtual “author” of these films obviously has an existential problematic relation with life and death.
He will, I guess, excuse his morbidity, his cultish liking of death, his depressive black humor by saying he is a Halloween author. That would be short indeed. That would neglect the audience. The public, and mostly children when the films are not restricted or are Walt Disney films, are bombarded with gruesome juicy corpses in any state of decay, with frightening scaring traumatizing supernatural beings from the other side of life: vampires, werewolves, ghosts, witches and so many other curse-throwers and curse-catchers as if cursing your neighbors was nothing but a game of baseball.
But in the end does Tim Burton have a vision of society that could be explained to anyone? I am afraid not. In the name of extreme black somber humor he criticizes, vandalizes and victimizes anything and anyone supposedly sacred in this society, except mind you anything really religious. In other words these horror or suspense stories are the stories of a very faithful choirboy, or choirgirl if they could have girls in that function, who has never been able to take his robes down, probably because that is his only vestment, clothing and he is nude and prudish underneath. In other words these stories, be they morbid, humorous or simply gruesome, are nothing but the expression of his total nudity under his superficial existential circumstantial diapers. He hides behind such ugly stories and tries – at times fails – to make people laugh at his funeral corpselike mind. [...]
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Can there be any sense in this farcical grotesque pastiche showered onto the innocently perverse world? Tim Burton turns the whole world into a funeral parlor. And even Alice in Wonderland becomes under his fingers a story of death, of dying, of getting their heads off not with laughter but with an axe. Doesn’t he know that such obsessive references could become traumatic for some children who would experience all that as a symbolical castration? In fact he knows and he must think that these boys and girls who will lose their phalluses (because even girls have phalluses according to Jacques Lacan) in contact with such stories definitely deserve that loss because they have no stamina, no courage, no daring crazy enterprising sense of adventure. If they do not like his stories – must he think – let them get to C.S. Lewis instead of Lewis Carroll Burton. So enjoy hunting the Snark in these pages and you might find a truffle here and there if you have the nose for such nice black tubers, but are they tubers really?

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