Sunday, July 03, 2016


Blazing the trails did not require honesty and morality.


In a way it is a film for nothing, except an Oscar for the main actor.

We are in Pawnee country some time in the 18th century, at the divide where the French and the English more or less meet. With the Indians in-between, around, behind and in front, at times under (a couple of feet under) or even over (from their horsebacks).

The French are trying to play it commercial and buy pelts and other Indian natural products but they can’t always have their terms and at times are obliged to give some horses, even when the season is advanced and the horses are the guarantee to survive. Some will die.

The English are more in burning the Indian villages and looting what’s left and even killing the survivors, even when there are none. Kill them twice for good business.

Add to this the fact that some Indians, especially those who have managed to get horses can become a real permanent pressure and an arrow is silent, efficacious and reloading is easy. Think of an arrow sniper in the trees.

Then you have the unhealthy, sick, vicious, criminal minds on the European sides. On the French and English sides they may consider an Indian woman is like a pet you take away without asking for permission. And the film widely shows how the English with their forts are rotten from the inside by the thieves, the immoral beings who take advantage of the frontier to realize the worst trends in their personalities: they can kill, rape, steal and many other things as much as they want.

This film is the fight to the finish between two such English “pioneers,” one being on the sinning side and the other on the punishing side. They call that vengeance, and vengeance;, as is well known, is always on God’s side, and sure enough the assassin, murderer, thief and a few other things, among them rapist, will be finished by the Indians who will pass on their horses leaving the good one to die in the snow since he is wounded and his horse, if it is still there, has been left behind several miles of deep snow away.

No salvation, no real vengeance. Just violence for the sake of surviving and for the pleasure of shedding blood. That shows the resilience and the viciousness of human beings. They love destroying, killing and a few other things like that.

Really a film for nothing, except an Oscar for the main character, oops! Sorry actor.


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