Sunday, July 03, 2016


A heroic tadpole in a dead pool


A marvel of a Marvel anti hero or maybe superhero, or perhaps simply a hero brought up in the man by the right girl. Just let him be the hero he wants to be since anyway we know from the start that he will get the girl he loves and that he will defeat his main enemy, even kill him if necessary because she will forget his looks and only hear his heart.

Romantic the way Hollywood likes it. Romantic and sexy, you could even say obsessed and obsessively obsessed with his flesh at that. It could have been an erotic film if he had not decided one day to live his life and get on the way where he met the worst possible people and first of all that demon Francis. I thought Francis was a Saint, but after all nothing proper in a proper name that is not common in a way or other. And common he is that Francis.

A good séance of torturing to heal a cancer that is un-healable and the whole story ends on the other side of the divide between reason and insanity. His cancer is healed for sure, but he lost his good looks and he went through a mutation that made him immortal, not exactly in fact but unable to be killed, unable to die and the result is quasi-immortality. For someone who just wanted a love affair with his girlfriend, the cancer sauce and the hot chili peppers of a treatment made the future quite different.

He will get his vengeance and he will recuperate his girl friend back but in the mean time half the city will have been destroyed, dozens of bad guys will have been killed or maimed, what was a disastrous building site will become a pitiful field of ruins. But our Deadpool will have his girlfriend and his love story, slightly more than a simple love affair, after all.

If you have a hormonal teenager in you, that’s the film for you. If you have a liking for special effects, that’s the film for you. If you like happy endings, that’s the film for you. Just let the merry-go-round of the If clauses continue its circular route to the end of time. But don’t come and tell me I did not warn you: it is not an intellectual and social minded exploration of human life and society.

So have a good trip on the other side of the looking glass.


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