Saturday, June 25, 2016


Betrayal as love, Vanity as hatred


In the light of Brexit this book is a Revelation that is at least as powerful as John’s.

We are in Scotland, in fact in Glasgow and on the coast of what is the Atlantic Ocean, in a place called here Skye. We are dealing with two worlds that come together and apart in the most vicious and endearing ways. In Skye a father, Dougie, and his motherless son, Benjy, are trying to make a living, the father with an oyster farm and business and the son with an algae farm and business. They forgot that the water is not always pure and clean. In Glasgow a certain Beth is a successful business executive who accepts a public job with the “Agency” that is supposed to stimulate the development of the region, of Scotland. She forgot that any public agency is not a business and their only objective is to make money that is embezzled into private pockets without making any wave at all. That’s the very antagonistic reverse of any business procedure.

Then you add to that a plotter who comes from Paris and Europe to prevent some international research and development private concern to come up and open up in Glasgow – as opposed to the alternative in Mexico – though they are practicing animal trials for all kinds of chemicals, particularly in the cosmetic line.

Beth will lose the battle and she will be laminated to being slightly less rich while her brother will go to prison for embezzling millions from his private employer. Beth will get her vengeance with some unethical crimes committed by her boss who fires her – under the name of resignation of course – when things get a little bit too hot.

The plotter had managed to infiltrate the private life of Beth and at the same time to fall for Benjy and make Benjy fall for her. Add to that the fact that Beth was the enamored fiancée of Dougie in their college times and you will have the both fertile and sterile sentimental intimacy of the plot.

The salvation of the poor characters will come from three principles:
1-                          Go back to your own resources and energies and do not count on foreigners, meaning people who are not Scottish;
2-                          Let Benjy, the Scotsman, go build his future in the non-European-Union Norway and come back later to Scotland to eventually redevelop a new branch;
3-                          Concentrate on the new generation of Scots and help them start up businesses and initiatives and keep your fingers and toes crossed for success.

This is the typical Brexit scenario with some modifications. Let Scotland get out of the United Kingdom and cut off the two heavy metal balls attached to their legs. Let Scotland negotiate and work in full cooperation and not submission with another European country not tied up in and to the EU. Count only on your energy and the energy of the younger generation and you might end up starting up a real movement to the future, your future, your salvation and regeneration.

Interesting indeed though the sentimental betrayals of women by men seems to be the most popular action in this emotional world, and I should add the political and economic betrayal of women by women. And yet the regeneration of men can only come from women. Well no one can have everything they may want. Wanting is free but granting – or being granted – is expensive. An interesting novel if you do not mind rain, salty oceans and cold weather apart from half a dozen weeks in the summer.


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