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There is hardly anything more inspirational than these 547 Jatakas collected and reunited in three books by the Pali Text Society. Buddhism is there being born after a long journey through previous life in old Hinduism and other brahmanism.

These Jatakas are showing how hard the birth of Buddhism was and how hard it was for it to emerge from the gods, goddesses and other deities, from the caste system and from all other alienation and exploitation instated and ossified by older religious practices.

I have been working on Theravada Buddhism, and other forms of Buddhism since a long time ago and particularly since 2005 when I spent three months attached to a Buddhist monastery and training center in Pidurangala in Sri Lanka, teaching the English of Buddhism to monks and other students.

The jatakas are for me the forest out of which Buddhism emerged with Buddha himself and his teachings, and then the transcripotion of these teachings into the canonical texts. Buddhism emerged from older religious and social traditions and lilttle by little pushed aside all forms of divine alienation and human Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, what they call "tanha."

That's the tremendous merit of the Pali Text Society to have collected the six volumes in three books and to have made them available (in good price conditions only through them) since 1895 when the first volume was published. The notes, indexes and tables of contents are essential for the reader to appreciate these 547 Jatakas.

The notes and indexes of this edition are unique and the best of tools you can imagine.

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A Forest of Spiritual Jatakas

I would like to submit to your discussion various writings of mine on the subject of the Jatakas and the value of Buddhist meditation in the imagination of Homo Sapiens when he started trying to understand the universe, and nothing has changed since these ancient times some 300,000 or 350,000 years ago. A lot more could be said but that is a project of mine that will never be finished and that cannot grow without any discussion from everyone.

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