Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Jacques Coulardeau at Academia.edu (49)

New Women and Divine feminine creative impulse


The Author asked me to review her book before its coming out from the closet it was locked up in. And that will be a coming out for sure.

We, male or female Readers alike, can of course thank the author for exposing such crazy stances that would lead anyone, any woman or any man equally, to doom and catastrophe since genderless is essentially in that character’s logic the negation of masculinity, of the male, of the father, of the lover, of the brother, of the husband. Let them, Old men, satisfy their selfish carnality among themselves. We, New Women, will select those who will be authorized to subserviently and obediently serve us. They, New Women, would inject us, Old men, with millions of Kurzweilian nanobots to keep control of us, Old Men.

That world is frightening.

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Journalism, Afghanistan, Jungian psychology, History of the USSR, Feminism, Carl G. Jung, Taliban, Kenneth Burke, The Divine Feminine, Lesbianism, Power and domination, George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, Mythology, Jungian Psychology, Feminine in Story, Feminine Studies, Violent Genderism, and Genderism

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