Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Jacques Coulardeau at (47)



The angel of our nights, the devil of our days is dead. 

Long live his phantom in our culture and mind.

It is impossible to evoke the place this marginal Englishman held in the world of poetry, music and visual arts for at least fifty years. His disappearance will leave a gaping hole in our recollections of the future, at least a large as the one left behind by Jimi Hendrix. Or as for that Pierre Boulez who passed away just a couple of days or so before.

Our musical world is sad and feels slightly abandoned, empty, but we know the show has to go on and that these musicians left so much behind them that we will never forget them.

I bring together here my own contribution to the homage the world is going to give them with the covering of latest or last productions of David Bowie, “Nothing has changed” and “Blackstar”. I added the lyrics of all the songs of this last record for you not to look for them. They are all on the internet.

I also brought back my coverage of the complete works of Pierre Boulez, the composer only, to bring together two musicians that have shaped our own way of listening to the sounds and rhythms of auditory reverberating spirituality generally called music.

Just enjoy this compilation and do not hesitate to comment upon it or amplify and circulate it.

Research Interests:
Music, Music History, Popular Music, Death Studies, Cultural Heritage, Popular Culture, Heritage Conservation, History of Popular Music, Poetry and Music, Musical Heritage, Mega events and legacy, and Symphonic Music

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