Friday, October 23, 2015


A remake of a copycat film


This is an absolute pastiche copied up from no matter how many films and books, you won’t be able to trace them all from Stephen King to Mary Shelly, to you know whom better than I.

But it is a festive big laughing competition against all basic beliefs of parents about the education of their darling children, especially when they, the parents, are at work and the children at home and the latter understood  myriads of years ago how to by-pass the “security” on the TV and computer. They are able hours on top of hours to view all the nasty shows they can find and imagine.

For them parents science like technology are dirty words and unbearable subjects that have to be kept away from the children’s ears and from the dinner table, when there is a family dinner, once every blue moon. For them parents a science fair, festival, competition, fest or carnival only has one aim and goal: to learn how to be badder than bad and produce both Viagra and ecstasy. You children know the type of pills your parents or you parents are buying on the Internet. Is it from Amazon or from Alibaba? Maybe only from the corner store, well the chap that is standing ,in front of the corner store. How old is he by the way?

This farce is absolutely successful and in black and white, or something close, which is better than you could have imagine. Don’t you play with electricity, Benjamin Franklin would say. You may burn your fingers and roast your tonsils. When I say your tonsils you know what I mean.

Of course the film has no depth whatsoever and does not pretend to have any. The only point is that it is funny ah ah and nothing else. Enjoy it and play with death as if it were your nightmare friend in the science class of your dear high school. And do not forget the science teacher is necessarily a bomb maker, a heroin refiner, a mental pervert, a serial killer and eventually a religious fundamentalist.

Have a good day with Walt Disney


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