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To die for one's God is beautiful in a way, if as a martyr.


Derek Jarman is leading us into a field that has to do with sadism, violence, torture, and many other perverse activities or attitudes or behaviors. The victims can be innocent, submissive or even a saint, the result is the same: the torturers, the sadists are enjoying their "game," and that means both the game they are playing and the game whose flesh, blood and sanity they are working on. Does this perversion enable us to better understand the constant resurgence of such acts both in peace and in war, both as a means to win a war or a plain means to dominate people and kill those who do not want to be dominated, but provided the perpetrator of that violence gets as much pleasure out of it as possible, at least proportional to the frustration they got from the victim who refused to humor them, obey them, accept their orders.

Derek Jarman - here only illustrated with pictures about San Sebastiane - is a brilliant film maker that deals with homosexuality all the time before it was called gay. He died of AIDS because he was of his time and considered promiscuity as a life style and multi-orientation as a must in this life style.

Yet his films are not really dealing with this simple fact that concerns his own life. The films are most of the time using gay sexuality as a metaphor of segregation, apartheid, rejection, victimization, etc. That leads him to a vision of humanity as being an impulsive compulsive segregationist species.

This is not so much pessimistic as realistic up to 1993 when he died with the enormous heritage of the two world wars and then all the colonial wars and particularly the Indochina war, the Algerian war and the Vietnam war, not to speak of Pol Pot, South Africa and the fall of the USSR.

Has it changed since then with the Yugoslavian wars, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Al-Qaeda, and so many other conflicts and hundreds of thousands of dead people and casualties and millions of displaced, internally or not, people.

If you take these films at this level then you find out that they are the most enlightening stories and visions of what the human species could be if they could develop their empathy instead of their hatred. But is it realistic to hope such a thing?

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