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Jacques Coulardeau at Amazon (11)

Jacques Coulardeau

This story has to be dedicated to time and life. It is the result of meeting many people in the avenues of big Paris, gay as is well-known, and gay it is, indeed.
The songs were written to the music Kévin Thorez had previously composed. All the songs are from 2011-2012.
The dramatic story of Ilya and Vanya was written in 2013, integrating the lyrics of the songs as part of the story. It is a full homage to a young man who does not like his name to be quoted or uttered. Anonymous he will stay, just the way he likes it, and he likes many things.
The two characters carry endearing shortenings of Russian names. The names are masculine and the two shortenings are built on a feminine ending. I was attracted by this ambiguity for our birds of a feather.
Just as I was attracted by the morbid merging love of Dracula and Mina. Love is, in a way, losing yourself in the other while the other loses himself or herself in you. Losing and loosening themselves into each other.
That’s the miracle of love and it has little to do with orientation, though we always have to consider the end from the very beginning and just as much as love is suffering, the end of love is exquisitely painful. Dukkha!
The story in a shortened version to hold within 80 minutes will come out soon at Zimbalam and most platforms under the title Synchrosome II Ilya and Vanya., with the voices of Kévin Thorez, Nad.X.Ka and Jacques Coulardeau.

Olliergues, Auvergne, France, March 8, 2014;;; and all other Amazon stores. KDP Edition
74 pages
Publisher: Editions La Dondaine (March 7, 2014)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English
Text-to-Speech: Enabled 

Price: US$8.17, EUR 5.96, Indian Rupees 320.00, 813, etc

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