Sunday, September 27, 2015


Don't be afraid: it's just a film.


A miniseries in three episodes. A strange story concerning an old man, a really old man who is probably one hundred and ten or fifteen years old. It is a thriller in a way, of some sort, but yet it is a lot more an exotic love affair turned sour.

An old man tries to escape his own house bY bringing the social services into his business with a fake accident, so that he could escape the ghost that is living in the house with him, a possessive ghost in a way, in fact a ghost who wants to go away but cannot without him and apparently he does not want to liberate her because it means die for himself.

That ghost is jealous and to force him to do what he has to do to finish that job she will start hitting and hurting and killing all the people he may come close to in a way or another. And the exit door is nothing but a very old traditional song, slightly modified by the grandfather in law of his very evanescent wife. Guess what happened to her, right after their marriage?

The truth will come out and it will be clear that he is manipulated by the ghost, and that ghost is nowhere but in his head and it is enough for him to do what that ghost wants him to do. She is that powerful. At the same time he cannot be the killer all the time, and yet he has to be.

The police is of course impotent and helpless. A girl, in fact a young nurse, practically a rooky nurse will get involved and she is the one who will bring out the truth and the police officer, detective rather, will be the one who will witness the damage and certify the truth, and yet it will be kept silent and cool at the bottom of a cold case box.

What is good about this series is first of all the good actors, second the well cut mystery mixing some Indian folklore to plain superstition, and third the cool pace of a hectic fable that is supposed to suspend us and our disbelief over a slow fire burning our feet with fear. And they do burn with rage, our feet.

Entertaining and just a little bit stressful.


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