Saturday, June 06, 2015


That's the future original rebirth of humanity


Still there to stay of course, the White Zulu is still white and still a Zulu and his multi-rhythmic music is still stampeding on the keyboards, the stage and all the percussions he can think of. He has not really aged in his own style that is timeless

At the same time it is one of the oldest and deepest voices of South Africa and Africa at the same time. You can hear all the spots of the leopard but also all the cries for pity and compassion of elephants, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses and all other endangered animals and yet they will have to survive if we do not want to pass away as a useless animal species.

And that energy, that power and that force emanating from this music, is the future of Africa because Africa has a bright future ahead of its present and its future is the future of the planet and humanity. Humanity is going back to its origins, to its birth place, back to Africa from where it all came one day over many millennia.

That power and that energy makes us believe that all the black African Americans that are killed day after day by American police forces are nothing but the necessary price to pay for these racist cops to be one day buried in their shame and guilt and locked up in cells out of which they will not be able to come.

When you listen to that music you know that some day Africa will be the future of our planet. Yes I have been waiting for it all my life, for the black Africans to rush down the road to the future of humanity because the future can only be the continuation of the beginning.

A music of hope and conviction, I mean certainty and faith.


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