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Jacques Coulardeau at Amazon (4)

[Kindle Edition] Dr Jacques COULARDEAU & Ivan EVE (Authors)


Dr Jacques Coulardeau was in Sri Lanka in 2005 and he brought back from there a tremendous treasure chest full of poetry, meditation, philosophy.

Ivan Eve came back to France in 2009 after twelve years in Vietnam and Laos with an advanced Asian reserve and education. He met Dr Jacques Coulardeau in the Paris Sorbonne and since then has been working with him as his assistant.

This volume brings together several studies and documents, most of them unpublished before on the general geo-political question of the restructuring of the Indian Ocean as the center of global maritime commerce.

At first we go back to its central position as soon as Homo Sapiens emerges from Africa some 150,000 years ago.

Then we look at the history of Sri Lanka from the arrival of Homo Sapiens, then Buddhism, then the Chinese and later on the European colonial powers, to the central position it is taking in maritime commerce thanks to Chinese investment and the developing of the port of Hambantota and a few others after the end of the LTTE terrorist period.

We then stop on the Buddhist influence in Sri lanka as it appears in the Sigiri Graffiti in, Sigiriya from the 9th to the 12th centuries, plus a selection of these Sigiri Graffiti in an original English translation;

And finally we move to the development of Container maritime Commerce in the Indian Ocean at the Global level today

And we can then come to the concluding hypothesis that the world is being restructured globally and by reconstructing the dominance of the Indian Ocean the way it was up to the 15th century though in our modern context. €8,24 US$10,67

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