Thursday, January 15, 2015


Surprisingly loose suspense and fear


A small film altogether. The rhythm is slow, very slow with maybe one or two quicker scenes. The subject though is rather interesting. What if you, a wife, or you, a husband, discovered that your husband or your wife, of any orientation imaginable was a serial killer, what could your reaction be?

Call the cops?

Run to a shelter?

Take some time to cope as if it were normal?

Take justice in your own hands?

All those options are open and the desire of the wife, and mother, to protect her children, a daughter who is getting married and a son who does not know anything, makes her waver and wait. Very sad indeed. And what’s more the husband was being traced, tracked and stalked by some private investigator of sorts and he had the whole story. But the wife will not know in time.

Entertaining but for a slow evening.


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