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I am against any form of blaspheme

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On not being "Charlie"

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And I do not want to be!
I agree 100% or more with the author of this article. There is not and cannot be any kinds of "right to blaspheme".
The freedom of expression has one limit and one limit only: the total respect of the full integrity of the persons we are confronted to.
What's best anyway is that if we dared blaspheme Charlie fucking Hebdo we would at once be rejected, accused of a fundamental crime.
One thing is sure: we cannot accept violence as part of one's freedom of expression but we cannot accept blaspheme or whatever form that attitude may take as a fundamental human right.
Just considering religion: religion is a human invention without which Homo Sapiens would never have been able to move out of Africa. Homo Sapiens would not even have survived without that visionary invention that led to philosophy and science. Only ignorant people do not see that.
It is my freedom and anyone's freedom to believe or not in this or that religion, but no one absolutely no one has the right to blaspheme my religion and no one absolutely no one has the right to ban the public expression of my religion anywhere I want. It is my freedom to believe and show my beliefs, even if it is not to believe in God.
Laïcisme, as they call that extreme form of secularism practiced in France is a crime against humanity because it is the negation of the freedom of expression of ONLY those who believe in God or practice a religion.

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