Friday, January 30, 2015


God save the Queen, it's a fascist regime! Thanks Johnny Rotten


The film is glamorous because it is taking place at Oxford University, among the aristocracy attending there, business, political and real nobility all mixed in one culture, with some representatives of some foreign top society, in this case the one foreign student seems to be Greek. But that is not the point. Just for that very reason we could expect some nobility and some common sense. But these young men, just under or above twenty years of age, are rich and they show it, spoilt and they stink like it in every single gesture of theirs, rotten but not at all like the famous Johnny Rotten who was against the establishment with all his guns, sexual or not. Here they are rotten because they turn their belonging to the top establishment into the most disgusting condescending rejection of all the others accused of being “the poor.”

In other words these young men are plainly filthy. These four qualifying adjectives are the “subtitle” of the DVD but they are just right.

Let’s say this film is the most disgusting aristocratic remake of the famous film Clockwork Orange, but without having the excuse of being rejected, socially discriminated against, uneducated and bored to death by total inactivity, no jobs, no parents, no nothing anyone is supposed to have, including doctors if necessary. The only thing the older Clockwork Orange young men had was the police and prison. But in this film these young aristocratic people have absolutely everything they can dream of and they make it a weapon against hard working people and ordinary citizens because they want to have fun, and for them fun is over-drink, over-eat, insult people, make as much noise as possible, disturb everyone, destroy everything they can, etc. And do not forget their sexism because for them the game is not funny if there is not an escort girl to satisfy all their needs, of course under the belt in this case, for a few hundred pounds.

But what makes this film particularly bizarre and hateful is that one culprit will pay for the ten culprits they are, one picked by the police on the presence of some DNA on the weapon used to nearly kill the publican whose pub was trashed by them. The moral lesson from the parents is that they have a good lawyer at their disposal and that everyone can make a mistake and they, the young people, are at college in order to learn how to adapt to any situation, including that basically criminal behavior and action. They, parents and children, are sexists, they are extreme segregationists against the poor, they are disrespectful of anything, sacred or not. And among these ten people one will be Prime Minister one day and all of them will be MPs or Lords (since some are from hereditary noble families carrying the position of Lord) or ministers, with maybe one or two who will prefer hiding away at Oxford university as dons overlooking the next generation of noble hooligans.

The picture is absolutely sickening and unbearable. If you can survive watching such young people full of trash trashing the society that is providing them with more money they need and can use, you may then understand why we have to get rid of the House of Lords and of these universities who excuse nine culprits because their parents can provide a lot of money. Here the rot is not in the sons of this aristocracy but in the university institution and the social establishment that are behind. This society needs some good cleansing. Where is Hercules, by Jove?


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