Saturday, November 29, 2014


Divorce and marriage are reciprocal adulterous cuckholds


This is a comedy and nothing else, but a comedy about the worst tragedy imaginable: the exploitation of marriage by social climbing women who marry rich men only to divorce them later with a very comfortable alimony or settlement, or even more and worse than that: a fully naked stripping court order, the type of court order in which you have to borrow a bath towel from the concierge or plain night warden to be able to run to your taxi without being arrested.

Imagine one of the best divorce attorneys in the field who destroys the claim of one of these ladies in court by demonstrating, one key witness in the stand, that the lady is nothing but a marriage bounty huntress, and then there he is falling in love with her, marrying her on a whim, with the best pre-nup contract you can imagine, tearing it up just after the wedding, confronting her for the divorce and falling in love again in the confrontation in the lawyer’s office and this time she destroys the pre-nup.

Don’t try to see anything subtle or deep in that. Love is unpredictable and no one can live forever without love, even someone as cold as the iceberg that sank the Titanic or as calculating as a world class chess player. But I must say it is so funny to see all divorce procedures, out of court or in court, ridiculed and being made fun of. It is true that’s what they deserve. But even so, man, marriage is a sacred institution, isn’t it?

But do not try to have nightmares on such a film. That is absolutely impossible.


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