Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Don't trust the fallen angel. Just as bad as in Supernatural! Sam and Dean, Mayday!!!


First of all Angel is a nasty private detective, a shamus, a private eye, a sleuth and the fact that he falls down into the electric chair iS just the funniest thing that may happen in this world. No one is going to regret that eavesdropping flatfoot spy.

Second it is neither a detective story nor a police story. The private detective and the cops are just decoys and entertaining punching balls. Take your time and enjoy them in all possible way: they love being manhandled, brutalized, even raped and stabbed, provided they survive at least for a short while, long enough to enjoy the pity other people are going to frustrate them with.

This story is first of all and above all a diabolical story that you might understand from the very start or not but you can be sure Mephistopheles is hiding behind a nice mask and the black masses and other satanic sacrifices of babies and virginal girls are the main course of this book. There is even a gay satanic believer. Shame on him, not to be gay, which may make him palatable, but to be a satanic pervert. Bon appétit; Guten appétit, Prozit and don’t forget to burp deeply after each course.

Apart from that you will read it easily. It is not a page turner but it has a real charm, you know, a gris gris, a magic protection, a voodoo chicken paw or some other lao or loa, the way you want.

Enjoy your Christmas at Easter with all the saints of Halloween.


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