Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The pits in human minds are so deep that can't be fathomed


A very interesting mini-series taking place in New Orleans and Louisiana.

A recent and very disturbing crime, hardly described actually, sends two cops in today’s world back into the past and a similar crime that is described with more detail, though not too much, and especially the two ex-cops who dealt with the crime at the time in 1995 or so. The crime got a solution. In fact a solution was found and the spectacular crime was not repeated but the deeper crime which was the abduction and disappearance of children was never examined in depth because of a blocking element in the family circle of the governor and one of his relative, nephew or whatever, who was a preacher and who had a whole network of religious institutions dealing with the education of children, and yet any piece of inquiry was leading that way, to these institutions, particularly one that was closed after some kind of hushed up scandal.

The two cops who dealt with that older case are both out of the police force and they become, particularly one, suspects or persons of interest for the two modern time cops.

The investigation of the two modernistic cops will lead nowhere. They actually will come across one of the people in the case but they will not know the difference between right and left (or wrong as for that) nor back and front.

The two ex-cop turned private investigators will come to a real solution this time, some kind of a closure but the solution will not be satisfactory because the political and religious establishment in New Orleans will accept you arresting in a way or another one or two of the members of the grass and roots monstrous army that practices children abduction as a sport and entertainment for further games and distractions but not higher than that.

The happy abducted children end up soliciting in New Orleans. The unhappy ones end up being live toys for some adults whose minds are so perverted that the captive will end up in small pieces but death will only ensue long, long, long after the beginning of the live slicing up and live cutting off and live extracting of this or that organ.

The mini-series remains very prudent as for graphic exposure of this violence and torture. The main interest is the effect of it onto the two cops who originally started investigating the case and will bring it so some kind of a satisfactory though partial solution. As one of the two will say: “You can never get them all.” He should have added “You can never get the big fish in such cases.” And you must get yourself satisfied by the fact the big fish authorizes you to take the minnows, their minnows. It is true one minnow down, ten minnows up. Volunteering in this field of human monstrosity is the most common element you can imagine.


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