Friday, August 22, 2014


Just plain relaxing entertainment


The plot is so complicated that it becomes simple after a while since everyone is crooked and all are twisted and there is no straight criminal in this film, no honest citizen either. Everyone is trying to take the others unawares and fool them around and get out of the trap with the money and apart form the only one who was not a criminal at the start, no one will get anything out of this case: all the money will end up in the bushes or in the sheriff’s office, once the sheriff has been taken care of.

So just follow the ranting story and try not to rave into some nightmare during the night. It is just entertainment and just silly mushy mucky thieving business with all the thieves trying to rob all the others of their shares. But it is true the plot is so tricky it will bring surprises all the time. But be careful there might be a con man or a hit man behind every single tree of this treeless waste land in Wyoming whose only way out is the train.


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