Thursday, July 31, 2014


Israel-HAMAS: The West has to become balanced in all conflicts in the world.

This is the most important document on the Gaza war waged by Israel against Hamas. It is not entirely in agreement with what I may think on some issues but this presentation – in English first and in French second – is primordial to understand how France and the world are going awry right now.

This document which is in Open Access (originally published by Mediapart, only concerns the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza but it could be widened to the conflict between Israel and Palestine, but it could also be valid for the world at large for other conflicts and points of tension that have been dealt with by the West with an obvious bias for one side, even if it is the losing side, and then reverting their failed support into hate for the winner, no matter what the stakes of the said conflict may be.

The best case in that line is the hostility of the West against the legal government of Sri Lanka because they ended up in three years a terrorist conflict that had been going on for thirty years on their territory. The west had always supported LTTE – and then the fuzzy and fluid “Tamils” when LTTE was classified a terrorist organization by UN and most countries in the world – against the government of Sri Lanka.

Instead of helping to find a solution in a conflict, at times as old as several centuries, the West takes one side and then blows on the embers and burning coals for the fire to catch and topple over the side they have not chosen.

This has to stop, this has to come to an end. The West is not the biased umpire of the world, in fact the biased cop(per) of all nations and continents.

Olliergues, July 31, 2014

Publisher: Mediapart

Publication Date: Jul 31, 2014

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