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Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome has produced many cultural artifacts.


This book is essential for reasons that have not been seen at the time and are still obscure today because most people look at such attempt at creating a new religion as futile and useless, if not plainly childish or delinquent: making money from the gullible audience. The fact that this document and the religion it contains target the black audience does not change this financial and commercial objective. But that is too simple to reject something without analyzing it at all because of its commercial dimension;

First it was written in 1925, when Marcus M. Garvey, to whom the book refers several times as a general or a prophet, was in prison  in Atlanta, Georgia at the time and he will come out of it only in 1927 when his five year sentence will be commuted by IUS President Coolidge to deportation to Jamaica, which meant he could never come back to the USA.

In other words some followers, and maybe some sharks, were taking advantage of the absence of the leader of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) from the public scene to reach out and set up a new organization that would have a religious basis, knowing that Garvey’s constant reference to Jesus was no lip service but it was no affiliation either to any church at all. The point is important here. All Christian churches were originally European, hence white, and based on a sacred book that was interpreted as stating the racial affiliation of Jesus and all other characters from Adam onwards in the book as being white, including God to whose image man was created. We could have thought they might have moved away from this biblical reference, and in fact they did not.

The biblical reference is just hijacked and the white interpretation is rejected under the “name” of Adam-Abraham-Anglo-Saxon Anarchy which is Antediluvian and has nothing to do with what this document states as the reality. In fact Adam is nothing but a thief who stole an apple from the Tree of Life that the King of Kings in this document pretend to be the defender of, a fornicator along with Eve, the mother of all Evil, who is a harlot. And Abraham and Isaac are rejected because they do not have a book in the Old Testament. In other words they are fakes and usurpers.

The creation is said as being the result of a supreme and original divinity that invented theology and gave birth to King Alpha and Queen Omega, the eternal couple of sovereigns to rule the world, King Alpha being the King of Kings. You will find some contradictory elements in the document about this affiliation. The reference to the alpha and the omega is taken from Revelation 22:13: “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” This reference is in itself surprising when we know that Jesus and all the other characters in the old Testament before Jesus’ New Testament spoke and wrote some Semitic language, Hebrew or Aramaic, for two of them, languages that could not have a letter corresponding to omega, and certainly not as the last one since omega is a vowel and Semitic language only have one vowel in their alphabet, aleph in Hebrew, which is written only when it is at the initial of a root like Adam: ADM derived from the word meaning earth adamah, ADMH. Otherwise vowels are not written as letters. It is all the more surprising to find this reference in this document because of the next assertion.

The author considers Ethiopia as being the cradle of this humanity with a possible alliance between this Black Ethiopian God or King of Kings with the Egyptian Pharaoh captured as a woman. I must say the passage is not that clear when we read over and over the absolutely procreative approach of couples that have to be heterosexual and come across this assertion: “At the Banquet in Egypt, King Solomon, The Black Man, made Love, with King Pharaoh, The Black Man’s Virgin princess.” (Chapter 23) Solomon and David are the only references in the Old Testament that the author of this document consider authentic, and he sees them as black, and here Solomon has interesting relationships with Pharaoh, though of course he is sexually paired with the black queen of Sheba in another passage. Of course Solomon and Pharaoh are understood as symbols of the Black Man and the Black Woman, but even so.

What is essential here is how the whole identity of this God of the Bible is entirely made black and the Virgin that gave birth to Jesus is of course the Black Virgin, hence Jesus was black. The objective is to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Ethiopia but a lot grander and bigger.

The central principle is that of Black Supremacy and it is attached to the UNIA and Marcus Garvey. This Black Supremacy is paired with a total rejection of White Supremacy that had put Africa into slavery. The fate of the white race is not clear: will it be eliminated, exterminated or just side-tracked? It is not really and clearly said. What is said is that black men and black women are supposed to have absolutely no intercourse with white women and white men, respectively. Behind this black supremacy we meet with the principle of race purity that is so dear to Marcus Garvey. Of course the ban on sexual relations between men and women of the two races has to be understood as covering any gay or lesbian temptation. It goes without saying.

The point here is to interpret this rewriting of the Bible in “sable hue.” The black slaves were free Africans before the arrival of Europeans, or Africans that could be captured and sold as slaves to the Islamic world in northern Africa, from which they could redeem themselves. They were captured by African slave-dealers but starting at the beginning of the 16th century they were sold to Europeans who took them to America. They could not imagine what was going to happen to them. That slavery became a tremendous trauma that lasted for three hundred years in the USA where it lasted longest, at the very least ten or twelve generations. That slavery was defined by people like Willie Lynch as the transformation of an African savage into a docile slave who stood on the ladder of farm possessions, under horses and over oxen and cows. Strangely enough the Trauma was so deep that it got integrated 100% by Garvey and the author of this document, so deeply integrated that the only possible escape from it was to claim absolute racial purity and total reversal of domination, with Garvey being slightly more prudent and asserting the total racial separation as an obligation in the modern world.

In other words these intellectuals, or militants, have integrated the Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome or Disorder of the descendants of slaves so perfectly that it is taken as the starting block from which the future will have to be built without any rejection and the only solution can be the inversion of the evil the black Africans suffered when brought to America, at least those who survived the passage.

That explains the style of this document. The author is in many ways delirious, entirely possessed by some kind of irrational vision that enables him to assert anything that fits his own phantasmagoric constructions. Paul Radin identifies this mental state of the religious man in The World of Primitive Man:

“. . . his temperamental make-up, one in which. . . we are dealing with individuals whose psychical unbalance and whose psychical crises are continuously present. . . He possesses a temperamental predisposition which frequently places him in the neurotic-epileptoid group.” (p. 79 & 94)

But those who approach this religious construction as being nothing but a commercial trap for mentally-underdeveloped people are totally mistaken. This religious discourse is going to be a founding stone of Rastafari ideology that will later produce Reggae music and culture. The blue ribbon and county fair medal in this type of misinterpretation of this movement should be given to Jérémie Kroubo Dagnini from Bordeaux, France, in his article “Marcus Garvey: A Controversial Figure in the History of Pan-Africanism” who reproaches Marcus M. Garvey with not using the local Jamaican Creole, Patois, and dressing in western style clothing instead of African traditional clothes. That is refusing to see the phenomenally cruel and inhuman deculturalization the African slave has been obliged to go through to survive and then to develop in his or her children for them to be able to survive to some kind of adult age. Marcus Garvey is entirely possessed by the Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome that all African slaves and descendants have suffered, and the present document is just the best expression of it: the black author is making the forced Christianization that was eventually imposed onto all black slaves into the corner stone of his racial black supremacy by simply making the white characters of the story black.

That’s why we need such documents because they are the evidence of the PTSS of the descendants of slaves more than 50 years after emancipation.


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