Saturday, September 21, 2013


The frogs are not the snails you may think


A very funny film which is nothing but a patchwork of Grimm characters and Grimm fairy tales, all mixed up and all crisscrossed together with some unavoidable details or situations, though there is no kissing of frogs, yet a little bit of licking a toad, and of course the kissing of a princess who is a witch and yet a princess and finally the kissing of a Grimm brother by the witch princess, or is it Veronica, and all that works.

Nature is totally crazy with walking trees, burning forests and magic towers in the middle of a bewitched country. The Grimm Brothers are nothing but perambulating crooks that make believe they can kill or capture witches and other wizards and free villages of all the bad demons they can imagine. There are so many suckers in this world that the Grimm brothers or their modern equivalents can make a fortune and at the same time have great fun. Walt Disney or Miramax are the least offensive ones among those.

But nothing is simple in Germany in 1811 under the occupation of Napoleon’s troops. The frogs are no longer the jumping neobatrachias we enjoy in ponds and other lakes, but these strange human beings wearing tricolor feathers on their heads and advocating the non existence of fairies, witches and other supernatural beings inhabiting the minds of superstitious simple minded people. They are not afraid of what does not exist though they are ready to fight a real battle against that haunted forest.

The Frenchies have also brought with them snails and they use them to torture good Germans who cannot stand snails of course, whereas Frenchies are eating them, generally cooked in some tomato stew. There are all kinds of tastes in this world but Frenchies sure have the most surprising – and disgusting – ones.

Entertaining and never really humdrum because of the innumerable distortions performed on the tales we know they introduce at every single moment of the story. And they destroy the witch who believes she is the most beautiful girl in the world since her mirror is telling her so with the typical action dictated by the simple logic of a child: break her mirror and she will be shattered into smithereens.

And then they can be happy finally like good boys and good girls and we will not speak of the children they will make because after all we are working for a family audience and in a world where marriage is for everyone and not only for those who can collect little babies in lilies or whatever other flower or accept babies delivered to them by some storks. Let the others adopt some orphans.


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