Sunday, September 22, 2013


A funny film for intellectually challenged people


A small film to just laugh at the naïveté and superficiality of action films. But it is a good think to laugh from time to time. The only serious thing is that the police in Los Angeles, LAPD as well as FBI, is rotten to the core of the core, the heart of the heart, soul, mind and brain, and even probably the tripe and the gut. But that is no secret and it is not close to changing in the near future.

The two cops are heroes, then framed, then thrown into prison among the criminals they have managed to send to prison, then they escape, then they clean themselves up and destroy a whole drug cartel, and finally they are heroes again.

The action is both spectacular and not too expensive. It is a film for teenagers, teeny boppers if I can say so, in the summer or something like that. Parents can sleep peacefully, there is nothing that can be seen as or said to be in anyway off the straight line of don’t ask don’t tell don’t say don’t do and any other don’t you may think of.

Enjoy the trip into mentally-challenged Hollywood productions, where big wheels means little brains


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