Sunday, March 17, 2013


Willie Lynch is an abomination


This book is not extremely important in its content. It is capital though in its historical role and value. Willie Lynch is the one who came from some English speaking West Indies to Virginia in 1712 and told, taught actually, the local planters how to traumatize Black slaves into becoming submissive slaves. The technique is simple and horrible: frighten them s***less, rip a few apart after tarring them with hot tar, feathering them with chicken feathers and setting them on fire with simple matches, and then let the two horses be tied each one to one leg and be whipped into running in opposite directions. The black rebellious still not yet slave who will never be a submissive slave is torn apart like a chicken wishbone. One should be enough… at least for a while.

That Willie Lynch willed his name to the lynching practice. He is a famous person indeed, and his fame will still last some more centuries.

Apart from that the book is a good example of the treatment that lasted from 1619 till January 1865 and the passing of the thirteenth amendment. That’s a very long time and that kind of a trauma is bound to survive the abolition of slavery for a long time, especially since it will take another full century to finally give the descendants of the Black slaves the right to vote and full protection of the law in 1964-65, though the fourteenth amendment gave them the full protection of the law and the fifteenth amendment gave them the right to vote just after the Civil War.

Some practices are die hard habits with the exploiters of other human beings reduced to chattel.

At least you will understand what the Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder or Syndrome is and you might realize that full healing is still not quite reached for some of these descendants. By the way this Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder, or Syndrome, is the absolute proof that behavior is transmitted from parents to children, from social environment to children. Those who negate that fact in the name of freedom and because Skinner made it a hateful segregationist principle, are wrong, be they called Noam Chomsky, Jeff Hawkins or Ray Kurzweil. When we understand that PTSlaveryT/S we can then look for a cure and bring these descendants finally back into our society and out of the pale of their history without burning their heritage.

Behavior is not the sole result of mental free “intelligent” choices but is, alas, three times alas, the result of die-hard habits transmitted from one generation to the next, not genetically but educationally, ideologically, religiously, etc.


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