Sunday, December 23, 2012


Gay adoption runs into a lot of bureaucracy


A film all based on qui pro quos. A gay married couple in Sweden comes into a new neighbourhood. Goran is a doctor and Sven is his husband. They were accepted for adoption but they were finally answered that no country in the world accepts to entrust a child for adoption to a homosexual couple. The deception is great but one day a letter arrives from social services. It contains a mistake and they are announced they will get a child of 1.5 years of age, Patrik is his name.

Unluckily the kid that arrives is in fact 15, mother dead, father unknown, ten years in foster homes and institutions, a lot of delinquent acts, etc. Sven panics completely whereas Goran accepts the child, or rather teenager. Strangely enough Patrik is going to help Goran and Sven get accepted in the neighbourhood because he becomes the gardener of everyone, for money of course, and he becomes the skateboard coach of the kids in the street, etc.

The end is a happy ending of course and it is not the real interest of the film. The real interest is to show that after and beyond all kinds of prejudices people deeply need at any age simple contact with others, contact that is called love and that it has nothing to do with sex really. Love is the food of angels and all children, and all people should be angels and get their ration, and even more that that everyday, of love.

And it is so simple at times to find what can give someone the certainty they are loved, the guarantee they will be loved. Of course it is not simple and it cannot be easy to do but it is needed, provided people get out of their fears and fear is bigotry most of the time. We have no reason to be afraid of anything. To give a child one’s own shirt for that child to look good when he needs to look good is more important than all the treasures of Arabia.

That’s the message of this film, and as such it works marvellously.


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